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Tennis Staff
 Ann Lebedeff
Ann Lebedeff is Professor of Physical Education and Athletics and Head Women's Tennis Coach at Pomona-Pitzer Colleges, where she will be taking a sabbatical during the spring of 2012. 

Lebedeff attended San Diego State University and received her B.A. in Family Studies and Consumer Sciences, with emphasis in Foods and Nutrition, and an M.A. in Physical Education, with emphasis in Exercise Physiology.  She later attended the University of Southern California and earned a Ph.D degree in Physical Education, with emphasis in Athletic Administration and Higher Education.  A former nationally ranked junior and collegiate player, Lebedeff won numerous national doubles titles, including the U.S. Amateur Clay and Grass Courts Doubles titles in 1972, the 1974 USTA National Women's Intercollegiate Doubles title, and the 1970 New Zealand Women's Doubles Championships.

Dr. Lebedeff is a nationally recognized collegiate coach and teacher.  Her coaching career began at the University of Arizona from 1977-1984, where she was honored as the Western Collegiate Coach of the Year in 1985.  After earning her doctorate, she continued her coaching and teaching career at Cal Poly Pomona from 1989-1998.  Professor Lebedeff coached both the men's and women's programs to national titles.  Her women won back-to-back NCAA Team titles in 1991-92, an NCAA women's doubles title in 1992, while the men earned an NCAA doubles championship in 1993.

In 1998, Dr. Lebedeff became Associate Professor and Head Women's Tennis Coach at Pomona-Pitzer Colleges.  Her teams have consistently finished the year in the top ten, and in 2000 her doubles team of Sheree Schwartz and Megan Gould won the NCAA Division III Doubles title. In 2008, Siobhan Finicane won the NCAA Division III Singles title.

Notable coaching and professional awards for Dr. Lebedeff include four national Wilson  Coach of the Year Awards (1990, 1992, 2001, 2008), and Wilson Coach of the Decade (1990's) for Division II Women's tennis.  The International Tennis Hall of Fame honored her in 1999 with the Tennis Educational Merit Award, given to a man and woman who have made notable contributions in the field of tennis education, leadership, and promotion of the game.  In that same year, Dr. Lebedeff was presented with the Rolex Meritorious Service Award presented by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.  This award honors a college coach who has made extraordinary contributions to collegiate tennis.

In 2005 Lebedeff received the "Doc" Counsilman Award, given by the U.S. Olympic Committee, for a coach who utilizes scientific techniques and equipment in her coaching methods, and has created innovative ways to use sports science.  Currently, Lebedeff serves as NCAA Division III Women's Chairperson, ITA National Chairperson, and on other various collegiate tennis committees.