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The Irish Lottery is One of the Most Popular Lotteries in the World
Thursday, 03/21/2013
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The Irish lottery is easy to play and is based purely on chance. Like most lotteries, players can spend time picking out numbers that have meaning or sentimental value; but the bottom line is that it's entirely up to Lady Luck to determine the winner.

Like many national lotteries, the Irish Lottery uses more than half the money that is wagered for prize money, while the other part of the take goes to fund worthwhile undertakings in Ireland. The jackpot is worth at least €2 million at every drawing, though very often – when there isn't a first-prize winner for a few weeks – it can be many times that amount. (And the prizes are tax-free!) The two drawings a week – on Saturday and Wednesday nights – attract a huge number of hopeful punters worldwide.

The rules of the Irish Lottery are clear cut. Players choose six numbers (out of a field of 45) and check them off on a lottery card. The minimum cost of a ticket is €3.00, as the minimum bet is two "lines" of six numbers each (at a cost of €1.50 a line).   After filling out the ticket, players wait for the drawing. The jackpot is won when all six numbers that a player has guessed are drawn. An even quicker method to play is called the "quick pick" option, which means players let the computer choose the numbers. Since the lottery is completely luck-based, there is ultimately no difference between computerised selections and those that involved "lucky" numbers.