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Roddick Remains Wimbledon’s Biggest Nearly Man

On July 10th, 2022, another Wimbledon champion will be crowned when the men’s singles tournament comes to a close. Somebody will hoist a famous trophy aloft on Center Court and lap up the adulation of a packed More

5 Most Controversial Moments in US Open History

All fans of tennis will know that while there are plenty of awesome tournaments which happen throughout the year, the four majors still attract the most attention. One of these is the famous US Open which takes place in   more...

3 Best Underdog Moments in Tennis History

Although the histories of a wide variety of professional sports are filled with examples of underdog stories where a beleaguered player or team somehow comes back from the brink of defeat to secure a hard-fought victory,   more...

Can Anyone Stop Djokovic at Wimbledon?

It’s the oldest Grand Slam event in the world and a unique sporting spectacle enjoyed by millions of tennis fans, but this year’s Wimbledon promises to be more dramatic than ever. 
The   more...

Unique Things You Can Bet on in Tennis

Tennis is not a huge spectator sport, but it is extremely popular among bookmakers worldwide. This is because the tennis schedule is set up in such a way that there are matches practically every day.
Since the   more...

Odds on Tennis in the US – What is the Current Situation?

Sports betting in the US has hit the mainstream ever since the Supreme Court decision, in 2018, that lifted federal bans on the activity. Since this happened, dozens of states have legalized sports betting, starting with New Jersey.
This spread of sports betting has changed the gambling landscape in the US.   more...