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Attention Tennis Coaches, Players & Parents
Monday, 08/19/2013
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Pictured Summer Collins

I hope you may be able to help us with this win-win situation by helping us find an appropriate candidate for our TV show.  Please review the criteria carefully while selecting a candidate and note, the inspirational story is the focus with the sport in the background.  We are particularly interested in a young person from the following states:
MT, VT, RI, NH, DE, UT, OR, IA, WV, SD, NV, MI , NY, ID, ND, NE, WI, ME, SC, KS.
The Executive Producer of The Real Winning Edge TV show airing on Fox stations across the country is eager to find a young male tennis athlete with an inspirational story to tell for the new season.  Our show lifts up positive youthful role models as examples to other youth. They are introduced by a celebrity in the same field of talent:  for example in cheerleading, it was an Olympic gymnast like Aly Raisman; for football, it was Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers; for baseball, Albert Pujols; and Misty May-Treanor for volleyball.
There are specific criteria for them to be on the show including 1. Good Character 2. Must be articulate 3.Must have overcome some life difficulty (poverty, drugs, poor family life etc.) 4. Has a history of performing at a high level in their sport/art 5. Must be in either high school or in college but college is preferred (16 to 21 and single no kids). 6. Finally, we love it if they have a faith influence in their lives.
The show is not just a spotlight on talent but rather a spotlight on overcoming a real-life challenge and shares a compelling story involving a tough soul issue like drug abuse, pornography addiction, abandonment, losing a friend to suicide, etc..
It is certainly a great honor and opportunity to spotlight the good that youth are doing. We really want to hold them up to other youth and the world as positive examples how making good decisions, having great mentors, and maybe even having faith in a higher power can help us have the Real Winning Edge in life. 
Here Summer Collins, an example of tennis player that was covered by Real Winning Edge. Introduced by tennis legend Chris Evert - Summer Collins grew up with a tennis racquet in her hand, with her father coaching her and her three siblings in competitive tennis. When she was twelve she had a serious accident that led to multiple surgeries and years of physical therapy to enable her to walk correctly again. She persevered to regain her strength and mobility, and to bring her competitive tennis ranking up again--then injured her shoulder and was sidelined for six months. On her third day back on the courts after her recovery, she fell and broke her wrist! It would have been easy to give up--but Summer fought her way back through every challenge.
If you are interested submitting yourself or have a player that might be interested. Please contact us at where we can provide you with a make-up of the series airing now, acclaim letters and a questionnaire for your candidate to fill out.  
Also, here are the three websites where you can see more about the program they are producing. The first is, where you can see more about them, the second is, which is developed for the audience to respond to the program as it airs. And the third is their editor’s website, where you can see whole episodes:, as FOX does not allow us to stream whole shows.
Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at