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With Just Over a Month to go Until the French Open, Here's Our Predictions

The countdown to the second installment and the first European leg of this year’s tennis majors calendar is well underway. The fortnight of action will commence on Sunday May 22 at Roland Garros Stadium and in More

The 5 Most Popular Tennis Events in the World

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. With 1 billion fans around the globe, the sport is the fifth most popular game in the world, exceeded only by basketball, hockey, cricket, and of course, football.   more...

4 Major Tennis Tournaments You Should Know About

Tennis is one of the most historical sports in the world, and it has led to the development of a huge selection of championships and prestigious tournaments. Athletic tennis players around the world are some of the most elite sportspeople.   more...

How to choose an honest online casino?

“Sign up and get $1000 for free”, “Deposit any amount to your account and we will double it!” There are a lot of such online casino ads today. Some are even tempted by promises in the style:   more...

Who are some of the Best Tennis Players in 2022?

Tennis is one of the favorite sports of people around the world. With over a billion fans globally, the sport is enjoyed in countries around the world, especially in places like Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, and the United States of America, etc.   more...

Is Tennis the Next Big Sport in India?

There are many sports Indian love, for it is a country that loves sports. Football, cricket, and horse racing are among the favorites. Tennis, although not as popular as other sports, well, at least, in India, has been gaining popularity too.   more...