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Tennis Staff
 Otis Cutshaw

As the first year head coach of new program being brought back after a 6 year layoff there is a lot of foundation work to be done for rebuilding a program.  I look forward to the opportunity to be the Head Coach at my former college and I want our players to realize that through hard work, dedication, and commitment we can build a respectable and winning program at D&E.

Was a former D&E Tennis player ('98) and played a stint on the satellite and futures tour. Had held USTA Mid-Atlantic and State rankings over the past 20 years and still plays competitive tournaments every year. 

Began coaching out of high school and served as an assistant coach at Calvert High and was assistant teaching pro at the officer's club at Pax River Navel Base for 3 years. Then started colligate career at Charles County Community College, which is now the College of Southern Maryland.  Won state and regional titles while there for two years and was nationally ranked.  Then went on to Davis and Elkins, where they were regionally ranked and won the athlete of the year award.  After graduation, continued coaching career as an assistant at Lakewood High School and an instructor at Lakewood Racquet Club. Then moved back to Elkins, WV to train with the tennis team before they ended the program, but now it is back and a new day has begun. GO SENATORS!!!!