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About me: I started playing organized sports at the age five. I played soccer in Cali, Colombia from age 5 to age 10. My family moved to Bogota Colombia when I was ten. There, I was exposed to tennis and quickly picked up the game. Bogota was headquarters for the Colombia Tennis Federation and therefore attracted a large number of talented junior players. Early exposure to a large talent pool, combined with a completive drive and passion for tennis, created an ideal environment for me to progress rapidly. My coaches soon had me entering national and COSAT junior tournaments and I eventually earned a top ten national ranking of Colombia Tennis Confederation boys 12 and 14’s. During my 14’s, I was a finalist of the Orange Bowel 14’s qualifier draw in Miami, FL (USA). I had to suspend my training during my 16’s in part because of a family move and to prioritize effort upon my rigorous academic program, which was a priority, and “right of passage” to me and my parents. However, again with discipline and focus I achieved a superior GPA which earned me a six month exchange scholarship at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina (USA) in 2013. I had the opportunity to study and train with the Men’s tennis team at Columbia. And upon my return to Colombia, I restarted my disciplined tennis training and competitive play within ITF local and national tournaments. By the end of 2014 I had again earned a national ranking, ending the year 2014 ranked # 6 in the Colombia Tennis Federation 18’s singles and # 6 in doubles competition.

Oct 20, 1996
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