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Lamar University - Recruiting Info

Lamar Athletics Mission Statement

    Lamar University is committed to an intercollegiate athletics program that embodies academic, athletic and financial integrity. This constancy must be manifest primarily in an athletic program which is always in concert with the overall mission of the University and compliments the values and goals of higher education. As a part of the total educational process at Lamar, the intercollegiate athletics program should bring pride, admiration and loyalty to the University. In this context, the Lamar University intercollegiate athletics program will benefit the student body, alumni, faculty, staff and local community through the development of esprit de corps. The soundness of the athletic program must also be evident in a commitment to enhance the educational growth and development of student-athletes and to abide by the letter and spirit of the rules and regulations set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and The Southland Conference.

Specific goals of the Lamar University intercollegiate athletics program include the following:

    * To conduct the athletics program in harmony with the educational goals, values, practices and missions of Lamar University.

    * To look to the President for authority and direction in the administration of the athletics program.

    * To seek the intellectual and vocational development of student-athletes and to enable them to successfully meet the demands of academic competition with the assistance of an academic support program.

    * To provide all student-athletes equal opportunity to pursue academic and athletic excellence.

    * To admit student-athletes who have demonstrated the academic ability to earn a college degree as determined by the admissions office.

    * To allow continuing eligibility to participate in athletics only to students able to demonstrate satisfactory progress toward a degree as outlined in the standards set forth by the NCAA and University academic policies.

    * To provide student-athletes the assurance their education is of the utmost importance and confirm that unsatisfactory academic achievement shall be neither accepted nor excused.

    * To strive for success at the conference, regional and national levels in all athletic programs.

    * To maintain a coaching staff who represent the best in athletic instruction; who possess the ability to motivate and inspire the student-athletes in their charge; and who are selected without regard to their race, color, creed, sex, age, handicap or national origin.

    * To conduct the business of intercollegiate athletics in such a manner as to always reflect pride and integrity for the University, alumni and community and to assure intercollegiate athletics will be an honorable tradition at Lamar University and in Southeast Texas.