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Bobcat Women Open League Play With Win
Wednesday, 03/04/2009
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Montana State University-Bozeman Team Page

MSU hosted its Big Sky opener on Friday afternoon...

Montana State opened the Big Sky portion of its women's tennis season Friday with a 7-0 win over Portland State in Bozeman.

The Bobcats won the doubles point, and didn't lose a set in the singles matches. MSU hosts MSU-Billings on Saturday at 11 am.

Missy Harris/Ali Griffin (MSU) def.
Molly Knox/Caitlin Stodaka (PSU), 8-6

Stephanie Jasper/Mackenzie Hilmer (MSU) def.
Alyssa Ferry/Anya Dackin (PSU) 8-4

Laura Villegas/Andrea de la Torre (MSU) def.
Victoria Bravo/Kylea Gleason, (PSU) 8-1

1. Stephanie Jasper (MSU) def. Molly Knox (PSU), 7-5 6-3
2. Missy Harris (MSU) def. Alyssa Ferry (PSU), 6-1 6-2
3. Laura Villegas (MSU) def. Caitlin Stodaka (PSU), 6-2 6-0
4. Ali Griffin (MSU) def. Anya Dackin (PSU), 7-5 6-2
5. Mackenzie Hilmer (MSU) def. Victoria Bravo (PSU), 6-4 6-0
6. Andrea de la Torre (MSU) def. Kylea Gleason (PSU), 6-0 6-0