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Some of the Most Famous Tennis Players of All Time
Friday, 08/11/2023
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Tennis is one of the most popular sports today. Over a million people around the world follow the latest games in the sport, and bet on their outcome. The reasons behind the game’s success are numerous. However, a primary reason is that tennis is a year-long sport, meaning games are being played throughout the year, rather than in seasons like in football and soccer. This is also the reason why tennis is so popular as a betting sport.
Tennis as a Betting Sport
There can be no denying that tennis enjoys immense popularity in the betting world. It seems the game’s popularity grows with each year, as more and more people are discovering online sportsbooks. Bookies like Novibet are the primary reason behind the success of online sports betting in 2023. They provide an incredible service for fans of tennis, who are looking to place a quick bet on their favorite sport.
Indeed, tennis is one of the most popular sports to place bets on. Though it may not rival sports like cricket, basketball, and soccer in terms of global popularity, it does rival them in terms of wagering popularity, especially online. Frequenting online bookies will show you just how popular tennis can be in the world today.
Another way to see the sport’s popularity is to look at the success and fame of its athletes. Certainly, tennis has produced some of the finest players the world has ever known. In this article, we are going to go over the most famous tennis players of all time, and discuss their success.
Novak Djokovic 
The Serbian player has truly won the hearts and minds of the global tennis-watching world. One of the best players to ever take the court, Djokovic has remained on top of game for quite a few years. He has won all of the major tennis competitions several times, and holds notable records, including 67 major single trophies, more than any other player in history. One of his most notable achievements includes disrupting Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s 11 majors streak by winning the Australian Open in 2008.
Serena Williams
Widely regarded as the best player of her time, and one of the greatest of all time, Serena Williams certainly deserves all the fame she has received. Her fame, likely boosted by the recent film about her and her father, King Richard, began in 1995, when Williams won her first major championship. That was the same year she turned pro. 
Along with her sister, Venus, Serena has dominated both single and double tennis. She has surpassed the record set up by Steffi Graf, and has managed to achieve a non-calendar year Grand Slam. A feat now lovingly nicknamed the “Serena Slam.” Truly, she has earned her fame and accolades.
Billie Jean King
Billie Jean King is one of the most revered figures in the history of tennis. She has won close to 40 Grand Slam titles, served as captain of the U.S. in the Federation Cup, and won the infamous “Battle of the Sexes,” against Bobby Riggs. She is a legend in her sport, and will always be remembered for her achievements and contributions.