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St. Cloud State Captures 2010 NSIC Championship!
Tuesday, 04/27/2010
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SCSU wins 2010 NSIC Championship on April 24-25

St. Cloud State University Team Page

Minnepolis, Minn. - The St. Cloud State women's tennis team (23-6) captured their second consecutive NSIC championship thanks to a 5-2 victory over Augustana in the league's team tournament on April 25 at the Baseline Tennis Center in Minneapolis.
The Huskies opened the day with a 5-1 win over Winona State in the tournament semi-final match at the Baseline Tennis Center.  In the title match, the Huskies upset top seed Augustana and they will also receive the automatic bid to the 2010 NCAA Division II tournament which goes to the the league champ each season.
In the title bout, SCSU earned a victory at #2 doubles by Catarina Franca and Kayla Lenz over AC's Hannah Gebauer and Micelle Wadas by a score of 8-4.  At number three doubles, SCSU's Samantha Boushek and Tanya Halloran posted a marathon 9-7 win over Augie's Emily Johnson and Gabrielle Kachena.  Augustana earned a 9-8 (7-2) win at #1 doubles, as SCSU's Jacquelyn Doll and Kelly Freese lost to Brittany Gaster and Adrienne Conley.
In singles competiton, Doll gained revenge at #1 singles with a big 6-3, 6-3 win over Gaster.  Freese continued the attack at #2 single with a 6-2, 6-3 win for the Huskies over Gebauer.  The match was iced at #4 singles with a 6-2, 6-2 victory by Kayla Lenz over Augie's Jill Hagestuen.  The other match to complete in singles play was a 6-3, 6-2 loss by Halloran against Augie's Conley.
This marked the first loss of the season for Augustana, and it also avenged an earlier loss in the season by SCSU against Augustana.  The victory should also play an important role in determining the final regional rankings for both teams.  Headed into the weekend, SCSU was ranked third in the regional poll and Augustana was ranked #1 in the regional poll.
The NCAA DII Central regional tournament will be played at a site to be determined on the weekend of May 6-8.
This marks the seventh conference title for the Husky women's tennis program since 1985, and this also marks the sixth time that the Huskies have received an NCAA tournament bid (and the team's fifth bid since 2003).  SCSU has won the NSIC crown in both seasons since returning to the NSIC in 2008-09.
St. Cloud State University 5, Augustana 2
Singles competition
1. Doll, Jacquelyn (SCSUW) def. Gaster, Brittany (AUGIE) 6-3, 6-3
2. Freese, Kelly (SCSUW) def. Gebauer, Hannah (AUGIE) 6-2, 6-3
3. Wadas, Michelle (AUGIE) vs. Franca, Catarina (SCSUW) 2-6, 6-3, 1-2, unfinished
4. Lenz, Kayla (SCSUW) def. Hagestuen, Jill (AUGIE) 6-2, 6-2
5. Johnson, Emily (AUGIE) vs. Boushek, Samantha (SCSUW) 6-3, 2-6, 4-2, unfinished
6. Conley, Adrienne (AUGIE) def. Halloran, Tanya (SCSUW) 6-3, 6-2
 Doubles competition
1. Gaster, Brittany/Conley, Adrienne (AUGIE) def. Doll, Jacquelyn/Freese, Kelly (SCSUW) 9-8 (7-2)
2. Franca, Catarina/Lenz, Kayla (SCSUW) def. Gebauer, Hannah/Wadas, Michelle (AUGIE) 8-4
3. Boushek, Samantha/Halloran, Tanya (SCSUW) def. Johnson, Emily/Kachena, Gabrielle (AUGIE) 9-7
Semi-Final Match on April 25, 2010
St. Cloud State University 5, Winona State University 1
Singles competition
1. Doll, Jacquelyn (SCSUW) def. Pierce, Heather (WSU) 6-2, 7-5
2. Freese, Kelly (SCSUW) def. Asche, Amanda (WSU) 6-3, 6-2
3. Franca, Catarina (SCSUW) def. Hesterman, Mary (WSU) 6-1, 6-3
4. Lenz, Kayla (SCSUW) vs. Adler, Addie (WSU) 4-1, unfinished
5. Boushek, Samantha (SCSUW) vs. Dubbelde, Katelyn (WSU) unfinished
6. Halloran, Tanya (SCSUW) vs. Roesslein, Laura (WSU) unfinished

 Doubles competition
1. Doll, Jacquelyn/Freese, Kelly (SCSUW) def. Pierce, Heather/Hesterman, Mary (WSU) 8-3
2. Asche, Amanda/Lindstrand, Laura (WSU) def. Franca, Catarina/Lenz, Kayla (SCSUW) 8-4
3. Boushek, Samantha/Halloran, Tanya (SCSUW) def. Adler, Addie/Roesslein, Laura (WSU) 8-4
Match Notes:
St. Cloud State University 23-6, 8-1
Augustana 20-1, 10-0
Order of finish: Doubles (); Singles (,1,2,6,4)
SCSU Earns Automatic Qualification to NCAA Regional Tournament