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First Serve with Beck Pennington
Friday, 11/16/2012
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UK freshman Beck Pennington is the first featured in the 'First Serve' ser...

University of Kentucky Team Page

Nov. 9, 2012 The first of a 12-part series featuring all 12 UK men’s tennis players. This will give you insight on how the players enjoyed the fall season and what they are looking forward to in 2012-13.

On why he chose to come to Kentucky …

“I’m from Kentucky and I have always grown up loving to watch and root for UK sports. I just love the atmosphere, love the team environment that has been created here and it really makes it exciting.”

On what he likes about first-year head coach Cedric Kauffmann …

“Coach Kauffmann is just overall a great coach. He has such a great attitude, he conducts himself so well off the court. He motivates us all to get better each and every day, and even every practice. That is what makes his such a great person to play for."

On how he is enjoying life as a student so far …

“I love it. It couldn’t be better. I absolutely love the team and love the coaches. Everything is going great so far, so I am really happy to say I play for UK.”

On the level of tennis compared to previously …

“Tennis here in the SEC is at a completely different level. It is ridiculous. High school was fun and competitive, but play here in the SEC and the teams that we will play is at a completely different level than I was used too in high school.”

On his family …

“I have four sisters and both of my parents actually went here to UK, so they are both really excited that I decided to come here to Kentucky."

On the biggest adjustment off the court he has had to deal with …

“No doubt the biggest adjustment for me has been time management. Here, I have realized how important time management is to me and my life and simple things like how much sleep I need to get each night.”

On the biggest strength in his tennis game right now …

“My biggest strength right now is my serve. I am a bigger guy, and so I like to come to the net a lot and play more aggressive tennis. I try to just play aggressive and hit a big serve.”

On what part of the game he is working the hardest to improve on …

“I think my groundstroke game from the backcourt is what I’m working on right now. I have already got a little better, but it is something that I am working on.”

On his goals for the season individually and for the team …

“My goals for this season is to just play in the lineup. I also want to play doubles as well and help this team win in any way that I can. Our team goal is to win the SEC. It would be great to win it again. Last year was amazing. Everyone here came together and really created a special environment for that team and we are looking to create more of the same here this season.”