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First Serve with Kevin Lai
Wednesday, 11/28/2012
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University of Kentucky Team Page

Getting to know UK freshman Kevin Lai in the second installment of the 'First Serve' Series:

On why he picked Kentucky …

“I was training in Florida at an academy down there and was really happy with where I was at. I decided that I wanted to play college tennis, and I was really happy with what Kentucky had to offer. They didn’t necessarily pay me the most amount of money, but I felt that this was the best place for me because of the people and its surroundings."

On what he enjoys about the coaching staff at UK …

“If I am playing badly, or not as well as I am capable of, Coach Kauffmann is always there to pump me up in his own way. He is so helpful during practice, and during the match he is always positive. He works so hard for this team.”

On how he has enjoyed the fall semester …

“I like it a lot. The school is great and people here are really kind. My teammates are really fun to be around and have been really good friends.”

On the biggest adaptation to college tennis from previous levels …

“Last year, I had some bad habits. I was lazy at times, and there were times where I didn’t feel like I wanted to play, but since I have been here, I am getting better and better. I am trying to stay positive and the coaches and my teammates are really helping me to do that.”

On what he see’s his tennis strengths as …

“I think I can see the opponent’s side of the court better than I ever have before. I am able to react faster to the shots that are hit, and I also think I am getting a lot better at creating opportunities to finish points at the net.”

On what he is working the hardest on in his tennis game …

 “The biggest challenge for me right now is staying tough mentally with my attitude.”

On his goals for the 2012 season …

“I know to win an SEC Championship is fought for by a lot of schools. We are working really hard to win the SEC Championship again as a team and we really want to be able to win it again.”