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First Serve with Juan Pablo Murra
Friday, 12/14/2012
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University of Kentucky Team Page

On why he chose to come to Kentucky …

"I chose to come to Kentucky for many reasons, but I think the main one is the people. When I met with the coaching staff here, and the people. I really liked them and they have been really good to work with so far."

On the coaching staff at Kentucky …

"The coaching staff here has been great. I really enjoy coming to practice today and spending time with my teammates and the coaches. They have taught me a lot so far in the short time I have been here about the way I need to play and how I am going to be able to compete this year at the highest level."

On his family back home and what they mean to me …

"My family has been a big support system for me back home in Mexico. You know, its not always easy adapting to a new lifestyle and a new culture, but with the help of my team and my coaches, I have been doing pretty good."

On what the biggest change about high school to college …

"The biggest thing about going away to college and having to adapt would be spending time away from my family and having to manage my own time. It was hard during the first few weeks, but I have adjusted to it and I know I am growing as a person."

On his goals individually and for the team in 2013 …

"I have a lot of goals for this upcoming season, but I think the biggest goal is just contribute. I want to be a player that coach Kauffmann can count on to play every time in the line-up and be a good team player. My main goal, though, is to win the SEC Championship again this season. Last season was such a special season for those players and I want to be a contributing part of that same feeling, so I am just looking to help my team and contribute where I can as my goals for the season."