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Baylor defeats Broncos 4-0
Sunday, 01/26/2014
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Boise State University Team Page

I knew that our schedule was going to be tough (like when you go to watch a movie about the Mafia, you know you are not watching a romantic "feel good" love story). The Baylor Bears are just dang good. 'They proved it by taking our Broncos down 4-0 in the Kick Off tournament held here at Waco, Texas. I like the direction that our team is going, but we are still not there yet. 
To be honest, I am really please with how our players competed and fought to the last gasp.  In the long run, these first three dual matches have been the experiences to get us tougher, and also to reaffirm the things that we need to do with our games to get better. I liken playing #7 Baylor, to sitting in a hot sauna to get used to the heat and humidity of a country on the equator. To survive in the heat, you have to acclimatize yourself to the weather.  That is what this early schedule is all about. Getting comfortable to the relentless competition that will be facing us all season.
A great example of our we have some tough competitors on our squad is proven by #2 Nathan Sereke, #4 Garrett Patton, and #6 Toby Mitchell.
Nathan (the Big E) lost the first set, but that perseverance and iron will that Nathan possesses propelled him to getting set points before the match was called due to the team win for Baylor.  Garrett Patton was as cold as an ice cube on the peaks of Alaska  in the dead of winter. Without a flinch he gallantly fought without a tomorrow to win the 2nd set and go on to take a lead in the 3rd set before his match was suspended due to Baylor winning the team match.
Toby Mitchell was also up a break in the third set when his match was called.
We will be playing #32 Drake University tomorrow at 10am (Mountain Standard Time). You can watch the match on your screen as well as getting live score updates.

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