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Best college teams to joins
Tuesday, 12/20/2016
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Professional tennis can be a very lucrative sport. The top players earn millions from tournaments, that’s also including the losers as well; in addition to their winnings they also get millions from endorsements making tennis a rather well payed sport.  However, making it to the top echelon of the sport is reserved for those with the biggest talent and most dedication and determination. With that said, there are many other careers paths to get you to the pinnacle of your career- from instructors, agents, managers, yet tennis can also pave the way to a great college education, that’s if you knuckle down and work hard.

Like any sport in America, getting the right education is essential for the aspiring tennis pros. Learning how to juggle the sport and the business side can prove to be rather difficult, that’s why it is important in mastering every aspect of the sport, so by picking the correct college, you just might be able to do that:

University of Southern California

USC has a 9 to 1 student ratio for its student body of 43,000. US news and world reports ranks this college of Law at 20, the school at business at 25, the school of accounting at 5 and school of journalism at 1, so you must prepare to study hard as well as put in the hours on the tennis court if you are to succeed at this college.

University of California

USC local rivals in tennis and pretty much everything else, UCLA is ranked 2 among public universities in the country and is known worldwide and is designated as being the most driven university in the world for its students. So you know that despite enhancing your tennis skills, you know that you’ll also get a good college education too.

University of Virginia

Virginia has a lot of history attached to its university. Established in 1819 by Thomas Jerfferson, the 1,682 acre campus containing his former home is a UNESCO world heritage site. Virginia has an endowment of 6.9 billion for its 21,000 students.  Brian Boland led the Cavaliers to their first NCAA men’s title championship in 2013. His team was the only one to disturb USC’s six year dominance, so this team/college has a lot to brag about.

Ohio State University

Ohio State delivers the classic big-university feel with 57,000 students contained on 1765 acres. Its endowment is $3.1 billion and it spends nearly a billion annually on research, including the centre for Automotive Research and the Comprehensive Cancer Centre, so a lot of their money goes on technology at the university which is an impressive trait.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt is a very selective school, accepting applicants with an average SAT score of 1490. Its students to faculty are 8 to 1. It ranks 16 out of all the colleges in the nation. Economics and social sciences studies are its most popular majors. The coach Ian Duvenhage has coached tennis there for 27 years and has been selected on three occasions for SEC coach of the year.

So as you can see, there a host of colleges to enhance your tennis skills whilst giving you that important education. But what about the professionals, who do you have being most dominant in the New Year? Put down your predictions at best deal casino and you never know, you might be able to win big and instantly pay off that scholarship.