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Top 10 Gifts for Your Star Athlete
Monday, 04/03/2017
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At a loss as to what you can get the athlete in your life for their upcoming birthday or holiday?  Here are the top ten gifts to give your star athlete this year.  1. Vibram Five Fingers Shoes. Over the past few years, the trend has been all about minimalist shoes.  This popularity gave rise after growing research claimed that running barefoot is actually better for feet.  People that prefer Vibram Five Fingers Shoes purport they provide natural padding that protects the foot, but allows the foot to flex and move as it is designed to do as you work out, which therefore puts less stress on joints and reduces the risk of injury.
2. Massage Ball. 
Get your athlete a massage ball, and he or she will thank you a hundred times over.  A massage ball is simply a textured ball that often coms in a hard plastic, and is meant to be used to massage out muscles and break apart scarred tissue.  Some people just use a simple tennis ball, but massage balls with spiky edges or nubs can get deeper into tissue and knead out those hard to reach areas between the shoulders, on the back, and even the legs.
3. Vitamix Blender.
Almost every athlete loves a good smoothie or protein shake. The Vitamix brand of professional blender is known to be one of the best blenders on the market. It is capable of making a finer blend that does not leave any chunks behind. Of course, it can be a little bit pricey, so there are many cheaper alternatives as well.
4. TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit.  
For the athlete on the go, give them a gift they can take anywhere that helps them stay in shape.  The simple kit consists of several straps and resistance bandages that allow you to work out in almost any setting, be it on the road or in an airport.
5. Hydro Flask.  
The Hydro Flask is undoubtedly one of the most popular water bottles out there today. This is because the Hydro Flask is made of stainless steel and a double-wall vacuum insulator. This build keeps temperatures steady, whether the beverage be hot or cold. The Hydro Flask can also keep beverages cold or worm for about twelve or more hours.
6. Hovr Seated Walker. 
Does the athlete in your life sit at a desk all day?  If he or she is like many people, sitting at a desk all day can become stressful on the joints and make him or her fidgety, especially with all of that built up energy.  If this is the case, then have them place their feet on suspended pads hanging either from their desk or a support, and they can freely swing their feet back and forth for movement.
7. Pepper Spray or Other Self-Defense Weapon.
Unfortunately, working out isn’t all fun and games.  Many victims of assault and robbery are runners and walkers who are outside alone.  Whether it be at night or in the middle of the day, he or she can defend themselves with a legal defense weapon.  Pepper spray is the most widely legal, but some states allow the use of brass knuckles or other weapons that can be used in case of an attack.
8. New Equipment.
If he or she plays a sport that requires equipment, it may be time to update their wares. You can find a wide array of equipment options online, no matter what sport they play. Looking for something for a softball star? Invest in fastpitch softball bats at Need something fantastic for the cross country runner? Get the details on their shoe size and buy some new running shoes at Regardless of sport, you can find plenty of gear that makes the perfect gift.
9. Parkis Effortless Bicycle Lift.
For the cyclist in your life, give them a no hassle bike hanging option like the Parkis Effortless Bicycle Lift.  It is a minimalist and almost nondescript holder that you can attach to the wall, and he or she simply attaches one well to it, allowing the rest of the bike to hover above the ground.
10. Gaiam Yoga Strap.  They may or may not be a yogi, but no one can argue with a good stretch.  The Gaiam yoga strap is a simple strap with a D-ring that you can loop around your extremities for a better stretch.  They can now go deep into that IT band stretch like they never have before. 
Buying a gift for your beloved athlete never has to be trouble again.  Invest in a unique and practical gift in any of these categories and you will be sure to be a hit.