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US Open Preview
Sunday, 08/27/2017
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Wimbledon, the third of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, finished up last month. This leaves only one more, the US Open which is slated for the end of this month. This has created a lot of speculation as to how the US Open will end.
Venus Williams
After missing a championship at Wimbledon, Williams is focused on not letting the US Open title pass her by. Williams has had some recent trouble off the court which some believe may have affected her ability to focus. Prior to Wimbledon, Williams was in a car accident where the other driver was killed. She was later cleared of any wrongdoing. Of course, Williams downplays all of this talk citing that she is ready to play.
Maria Sharapova
Recently granted a wild card by the US Tennis Association, Sharapova will compete in her first Grand Slam tournament this season. After being suspending for doping, the tennis ace has been absent from high profile competitions. The last time Sharapova won the US Open was over ten years ago in 2006. Despite her absence she is a serious contender in the women’s bracket.
Andy Murray
Despite his recent hip injury, Murray is planning on playing in the US Open. Murray struggled at Wimbledon in the quarterfinals. Falling to Sam Querrey due to his impairment from his injury, Murray hasn’t competed since. Given his absence, many wondered if Murray would be up to snuff for the tournament. Murray will fall to the number two spot next week as the tournament approaches.
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