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Tennis Court vs. College Paper: 6 Skills You Need to Be a Master in Both Activities
Wednesday, 09/20/2017
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College success consists of many things. Students must be academically ready for an independent decision-making to do better in classes, as well as to have a pleasant overall experience. While the college years are considered the best in one’s life, more often than not this time turns into a real struggle for many students. Just like a tennis player on the court, tired and exhausted students make sure to try really hard to actually ‘hit the ball.’ The reality is that both the sports world and academic routine require you to stick to the rules as well as have certain skills to be able to fight, struggle, protect, and make efforts to survive. What are those skills? Let’s take a closer look!

#1 Resiliency

A crucial skill for a tennis court guru and a college student to develop! The point is that an ability to properly bounce back from frustrations, failures, and disappointments is highly appreciated in both areas. Tennis is known as one of the most popular sports that is quite crazy in its nature and requires you to exert every effort to overcome fiascos.

#2 Dexterity

Total readiness to strike back any time is a must for the class and the court! You have to be always 100% ready to provide prompt answers to the toughest questions you get. When it comes to tennis, you need to be ready to attack your opponent straight away.

#3 Assertiveness

Just like your tennis court buddies, you have to learn more about how to be assertive enough in the class. Instead of being aggressive or passive when the tough times come, make sure to resolve all sorts of conflicts with the due assertiveness.

#4 Time Management

Both college routine and sports activities are the areas in a person’s life when they face the most varied demands and responsibilities. Typically, college students are expected to spend from thirty to forty hours every week for the after-class studying. What is more, a lot of students have part-time jobs. They are involved in dozens of campus activities that they try to balance with their personal lives. Keeping an accurate schedule is a must for both – busy college students and tennis players. This is the key to the effective time management!

#5 Cooperation

Things will happen, and what you do to cope with the most varied problems is an essential part of the educational process or the game. If you are not sure you can tackle the college assignment on your own or the tennis tournament is not something you can handle, feel free to search for some competent help. Either a professional helper from an online custom writing service like or a reputed coaching expert – do not be shy to search for a helping hand when it is needed.

#6 Health Care

Develop proper bedtime since it’s highly important for your physical and mental health. A healthy diet and adequate sleep can boost your mood and help you cope with everyday stress. Ability to relax and take care of yourself is a core aspect when it comes to achieving the target goals in the area of college experience and being successful in sports.

There’s no magic secret to the tennis court or college success. However, both students and players who have been given a solid background and who work hard to polish their skills will be ready to resist even when the cold winds blow!