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How College Students Became the Winners in Tennis
Tuesday, 02/13/2018
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Seven Universities and One College That Helped Tennis Players Be Winners: Many prodigy tennis stars travel long roads to reach international fame. In each of their stories, there is one commonality: university or local college experiences. For many of these fast, athletic tennis stars, they have incredibly tight schedules often rotating between classes and the tennis courts. Unlike other college-level sports programs, tennis attracts both domestic and foreign students, so the demands on these students to perform both academically and professionally often overshadow their achievements. Many of the colleges are prestige, but the programs are more commonly known because of global tennis players who want to play professionally. In the past, tennis players have skipped college altogether. Today, however, they are finding it more competitive to attend a university to develop their skills before entering a professional arena. Read more to get to know singles and doubles tennis champions.

Singles Champions:

University of South Florida:  

     Roberto Cid, a tennis player from the Dominican Republic, played at USF for three years. His career title includes ITF and Davis Cup. He is now ranked 446 in the world.



University of Virginia: 

     Ryan Shane is from Falls Church, Virginia. His titles at UV included All-ACC and was named the ITA Region Player to Watch. In 2015, this player also won the NCAA Men's Singles Championship. His world ranking is 435.

Ole Miss: 

     Nicolaas ‘Nik’ Scholtz: this international tennis star is from Caledon, South Africa. His titles include Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon, Digicall Futures, and the French Open. He is ranked 328 globally.

     Nika Kukharchuk: attending Ole Miss from Kaliningrad, Russia, this player ranks 531 in the Women’s Tennis Association international tour. She has won several tournaments and championships including the 2017 Challenger Banque Nationale de Gatineau.


Texas Christian University:

     Andreea Rosca is a native of Romania. Her wins include several ITF Pro Circuit singles and doubles titles, Targu Jiu, Hammamet, and Sozopol. She is ranked 513 internationally in the WTA.

Doubles Champions:

Southern Methodist University: 

     Nate Lammons: from Woodlands, Texas, this tennis player has led SMU to 24 singles wins which helped him rank on the ITA for the first time. His professional accomplishments include ATP, WTA, and IFT Pro Circuit. He is listed at 194 globally.

University of Notre Dame:

     Alex Lawson is from Tempe, Arizona. He enjoyed a host of win at UND including 2014 ITA National Summer Doubles Champion, 2016 ITA Doubles All-American, 2015 ITA Summer Circuit Regional Singles Champion, and 2016 NCAA Doubles Championship Semifinalist

Doubles Champions:

Florida State University:

     Ben Lock: A native of South Africa, he attended Florida State University until he went professional. While attending university, he played both singles and doubles matches. His world ranking is now at 235. Along with his titles at FSU, he also won the Bedford Cup and made it to the semifinal match at the USTA Clay Court Invitational.



Wofford College:

     Rob Galloway: Originally from Greenville, SC, Rob attended Wofford College where he achieved titles like Southern Conference Freshman team, All-Southern Conference Selection, and First Wofford Men's Tennis All-Conference. In 2018, he ranks at 292 in the world.

Galloway and Lock now compete in doubles matches, and 2017 was a telling year in their bid to be on the top of the leaderboards. After 23 straight game wins, these two tennis stars have won a host of titles this year including three in Kuwait and one in South Africa.

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