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25 Issues to Disclose in a College Essay on Sports to Come in Handy for Students of Various Fields
Tuesday, 03/13/2018
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Everybody loves sports. Well, that may not be entirely true, but the majority of the population enjoys either playing or watching some type of athletic activity. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what field of study you are in when you read a college essay on sports because it could be very applicable and interesting for everyone!

For those writing an essay that has to do with sports (that means you!), you’ll want to choose a topic or issue that many others will want to read about. The point of writing an essay it’s just for your class or your grade, but to share your knowledge with as many people as possible. You can achieve this goal by choosing from some ideas that we mention here.

  1. How sports are beneficial for your health. Whatever you study, you can and should learn about the health benefits of playing sports. If you choose this issue, you can talk extensively about these with scientific backing.
  2. Specific exercises to keep fit. Many people want to exercise, but don’t know how. You could show them.
  3. How to get started exercising. A good essay that would be useful to many of your peers is leading them through the steps of starting to exercise from ground zero. Look through the eyes of a beginner for this one.
  4. Jogging and running. Is jogging and running really that great for you? What are the downfalls? What are the advantages? Answer these questions, and you’ll grab a very interested reader!
  5. History of a specific sport. Some people are avid fans of baseball while others love tennis. Choose a sport and write an essay about how it came to be and any major milestones it has reached.
  6. A famous athlete. There are so many to choose from! Consider picking someone that everyone knows about so that there will be more interest.
  7. Olympic history for a specific country. Watching the Olympics is a lot of fun and something almost everyone has done. Specific to their country, the Olympics give a sense of national pride. Writing about the history the Olympic games in your country will come in handy to all students!
  8. Unusual sports. This is a cool and interesting topic that gives others the chance to learn about some new things.
  9. Using sports as exercise. Playing sports is a great way to exercise without feeling like you are actually exercising! Explain this and give some examples in a well-written essay.
  10. All about personal trainers. How does one become a personal trainer? How do you know if you need one? These are some possible questions to address.
  11. How nutrition and sports are related. Eating well and sports tend to go hand-in-hand for optimal health. Explain this connection.
  12. A sports scandal. Sports scandals are as good as gossip. Exploring one and its implications will be interesting for anyone!
  13. The effects of steroids. People, even average people, need to be aware of the effects steroids have on their consumers. It’s an important sports issue.
  14. Sports players’ stereotypes. This is an issue that has a lot of aspects that could be explored. One option is going through the stereotypes and either prove or disprove them.
  15. Animal sports. When most people think of sports, they think of basketball or football, not bull riding or dog racing. Ethics of animal sports is something everyone should be aware of.
  16. Women in sports. This one is pretty self-explanatory!
  17. The effects of extreme physical sports. The last few years there have been some cases of investigations into head injuries in American football. This is just one example of an issue within this topic.
  18. Extreme sports. Extreme sports are interesting because many of them aren’t very well-known. Your essay might inspire some readers to try one or two out!
  19. How to recover properly from a sports injury. Lots of sports players make mistakes when trying to heal from minor injuries that can impact them for the rest of their lives.
  20. Sports and advertising. Should teams have sponsors? How does having players use a certain product impact the brand? What legalities are involved? Sports and advertising is a more complex issue than you may initially think about.
  21. Athletes as role models. Many young people look up to athletes as role models. Depending on your viewpoint, this can either be a good or bad thing.
  22. Sports in schools. School sports teams promote a healthy lifestyle, but how exactly do they do it?
Sports and child development. Studies have shown that sports impact general child development. You could highlight some of these studies in your essay
                23.Cybersports. Are video games “sports”? There are some strong opinions about this
      24. Psychological aspects of sports. Psychology and sports are a huge field of study. This’s bound to be  something to peak everyone’s interest.

So, there you have it! These issues related to sports can also be related to your peers. Now, you have a great start to write your essay. By the way, if you have no time to handle the writing assignment, use the help of a professional custom essay writing service; let them the issue you would like your paper sample to be written about and let a professional help you!