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5 Ways To Travel And Continue Your Long-Distance Education
Sunday, 05/06/2018
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Do you like to travel? Many people do. Unfortunately, many people view traveling as a trade-off in which they sacrifice money and fall behind in their educational courses. This doesn’t need to be the case, however. Thanks to the development of online education platforms, there are many ways to make a trip that will keep you productive.

So, without further ado, here are five great ways to travel and continue education along the way.

Outsource Some of the Work
If you are taking a course that requires written material for entrance or homework, it’s understandable if you don’t have the passion to complete it while you’re hiking through the Alps with the love of your life. Luckily, there are plenty of services like essay writing service that can get you through this predicament. Outsource your essays and hike as long as you want!

They go beyond simple cookie-cutter SAT-type essays because their staff is trained to adapt their writing to the customer’s particular needs. The industry is well-regulated, meaning that you can check out user reviews. The service is not too expensive, and what you lose in money, you’ll surely make up in the time that you’ve now freed up to do the traveling you’ve been dreaming about!

Download an Audio Course
Even the most efficiently planned trips tend to involve a certain amount of downtime for transportation. The more exciting and exotic your journey is, the more likely you will have hours just sitting on a bus clogging away to your destination. So, why not make use of that time? Download an audio lesson or an audio book, and you won’t waste a second.

There are always some sorts of sales, so getting a sweet deal is not a problem. You might even be able to learn about the history of the terrain you’re visiting! Now that’s what we like to call efficiency.

Call In!
Due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has frozen the world this year, online video conferencing platforms like Zoom have become a staple of our communication. You can use this to your advantage and call into your class from wherever you are – provided you have service, of course! If necessary, you might want to buy a local phone plan, and they usually aren’t too expensive, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Your classmates and teacher will be super jealous of you as you greet them with your mojito at the swim-up bar or from the cozy cafe at a rustic medieval castle tucked in the mountains of Bavaria. Maybe you can even teach your classmates a few things!

Be the Teacher for Yourself
If you are a parent with young kids who are tagging along on your trip, this might be the time for you to assume the teacher’s role and make sure that your kids don’t miss a beat. The so-called practice of “world schooling” is a tried-and-true model built on homeschooling techniques and applies them to the logistics and realities of traveling as a family.

One thing that’s very important when you “world school” your children is that you have to make it enjoyable enough to rebel and refuse to learn anything because the sites you see on your trip are that much more exciting. Ensure they understand that all the fun stuff you’re doing as a family can only happen if everyone agrees to continue their education. Once the whole family is working as a unit, you’ll be on a rocking educational voyage in no time!

Arm yourself with travel-friendly electronics. While a desktop computer is generally agreed to be the best device for personal work, it does not travel particularly well. You will have a lot of trouble getting it on a plane, train, or bus, let alone setting it up wherever you end up staying. Probably the best bet for traveling is to bring a tablet.

While tablets are pretty much pointless for a healthy life as they can’t do nearly as much as laptops and aren’t pocketable like smartphones, they do find a sort of sweet spot in your travel bag where the difference in space between them and a computer might be crucial. And the fact that a tablet can run programs like Microsoft Office, albeit in a very plodding and awkward form, puts it above your phone in educational tools. Make sure you bring a charging implement as well; something like a Power Bank should do the trick.

Get a Part-Time Job
Sometimes work is the best education! Find a little daytime gig waiting tables or playing background music at the beach, and you’ll both enjoy your trip and make a bit of money back. For university students, there are many work and travel programs on offer.

For adults, there are tons of remote jobs out there just waiting to be taken care of. Jobs you never even knew existed! If you feel like you could be a photographer, you can monetize the pictures you take on your trip by submitting them to a travel agency or lifestyle blog. Here’s another idea – what’s your native language?

If it’s different from the language in a location where you’re traveling, there is an excellent chance people there would love to learn from you. You don’t need a professional TEFL degree – think of yourself more like a “speaking partner” and don’t forget to represent your culture well to the locals. Who knows, you might end up making a lifelong friend along the way.

In conclusion, traveling is not an excuse to cut back on your educational exploits! Use modern technology to your advantage so that when you come back from Seychelles or Yosemite National Park or the Great Wall of China, you’re not only invigorated as a human spirit but also ready to dive right back in and continue your career. So what do you say – book a ticket today?