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How a tennis camp vacation can boost performance
Friday, 05/10/2019
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Since the last traces of snow have successfully vanished from this part of Europe, it is eventually time to look forward to planning the vacation in the warmer season. For what it is worth, we all know the next winter is coming, to quote a massively popular TV hit show. However, with regards to what shall be the agenda for said vacation, all too often the ideas, opinions and wishes differ amongst those making the final decisions. That said, who would not be able to agree upon combining a beautifully lazy get away with stunning scenery, beaches and coast lines to just relax at – and the odd tennis exercise that enables one to stay in shape and to get valuable insights from renown tennis players. For this, but a few destinations may come to mind, one of them easily being Madeira in Portugal.

Now, Portugal may not have produced a wide array of famous tennis players – after all, it is football that entertains the masses more frequently on the Iberian Peninsula – yet when it comes to coaches and facilities, barely any other place in Southern Europe is able to compete with them. Especially Madeira is inviting, with its beautiful mountains, unique culture and high-end tennis courts ready to be explored by all aficionados of the white sport. It is also not just tennis that makes the islands so special – apart from maybe the best wines, it is also a striving gambling culture that makes Madeira more prone to players from all over the world. Partially due to a difference in taxation from the main land, the islands host a wide selection of Online Casinos to play at, especially when the Atlantic Ocean might be acting up again and discourages outside activities. Play here the latest Online Slots and other classics.

However, when the days are finally nice and warm, you want to make sure to go and visit the highlights of the archipelago that seems so distant and yet so close. Nature has really done a number on these islands, allowing for flora and fauna to spread freely without too many humans. Thus we recommend you going in May and June, before the bigger numbers of tourists are coming to see the likes of Funchal and other highlights.
However, if you have arrived on this beautiful spot at the coast of Africa to play and improve your tennis skills, Madeira certainly offers a neat and comprehensive selection of schools for all ages and all levels. Since Portugal is still one of the most affordable countries in Europe, most of these camps do not cost all too much and can easily be integrated in a (family) vacation that allows for as much free time as wanted, while still making sure that the needs of exercises are being met.

It is this very lifestyle of Portugal that many might remember and cherish in Spain, but here it comes across in an even more relaxed fashion. Clearly, Portugal and the islands that make up Madeira understand how a focus on sports combined with offering top-notch tourism can be a boost for all.