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The Main Styles of Tennis Play
Thursday, 05/30/2019
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Tennis, unlike other sports, has more than one way to play it. In actual fact, there are 4 different styles that players use to play the game.  Not to say that these are the only ways, but they are the most common ones.

The Aggressive Baseliner
The first type of tennis play that we look at is the aggressive baseliner. This type of tennis players likes to be in control and dictate play. The type of tennis player will rely on their groundstrokes to move opponents around the court and will aggressively go for the winner from the back of the court. In order to best such opponent players will need to hit deep into the court to vary the height and spin of your balls.

The Serve and Volleyer
Secondly, we will look at the serve and volleyer. This type of player will attack the net coming in behind their serve. Furthermore, they will come to the net after nearly every serves and often after the next serve. At times, they will also come to the net aggressively. And just like with the varies betting methods used to beat real money top online casino games, there are ways that players can beat such a player. One of those ways is to focus on the return of your serve. Another way that a player can beat such an opponent is to use sharply angled topspin shots.
The Counterpuncher
Thirdly is the counterpuncher, this type of player is also known as the pusher. This type of play is all about defense. This type of player is one who knows the percentage of shots and always hits them. Furthermore, such players are aware of the fact that ⅔ of the point won in tennis are won through errors. As a result, they will avoid making them at all costs. To beat such a player you need to attack the net and be patient.

The All Court Player
Lastly, is the all court player. And as the name implies, this player is comfortable using a lot of different shots. Maybe it’s time sites like golden riviera casino introduce games based on best tennis players of all time. This type of player will adapt to the way that you play and use your weaknesses against you. To beat such an opponent, you need to stick to your weapon as well as to be aggressive and dictate points.