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Procrastinators Rejoice! The Most Addictive Tennis Websites
Monday, 08/26/2019
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Photo by Evil Erin / CC BY 2.0

Should be working on a project, but would rather be playing tennis? Ought to be getting some housework done, but would rather be studying players? Need to catch up on work, but would rather be watching a match? Perhaps we shouldn't suggest it, but we've got some brilliant distractions from the task at hand. Whether it’s online gaming, virtual tennis or some great places to chat about the sport, you can be sure that if you read this, no work will be getting done today. Indulge yourself in some online time-wasting, all centered around tennis, the greatest sport on Earth.

Virtual Tennis Matches
Of course, there's nothing better than sitting back and watching a great game of tennis, but what about when there's no live tennis to watch? Websites like Energy Casino have heard that problem and answered it. With their brand new virtual tennis matches you can follow and study players and even place a bet to keep things exciting. Virtual matches like this are a really interesting and simple way to learn how to bet, you could even use the tips you pick up for College Tennis matches.
Owing to the fact that all of the players are nothing more than algorithms, the math is a lot more predictable than with actual players. Working out stats and speeds becomes a little easier and the element of 'plain ol' bad luck' is significantly decreased. Whilst the probability side of virtual tennis is exciting (particularly for number nerds), the user experience is something that Energy Casino certainly haven't scrimped on. You can watch from several different viewpoints and really get that 'in the stadium' feeling.

Tennis Mini Games
Remember the days when you could sit back and waste hours on mini game websites? What happened to those... They're still here! Miniclip is a brilliant site, which has very few spammy advertisements and is also free to play.

There are a couple of great fun and surprisingly challenging tennis games on this site, including 'Tennis Ace' a simple point and click game. The goal, of course, is to win the match, to do so you just click with your mouse and move your cursor to move the player. At first it can be a little bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it's terribly addictive! There are three difficulty levels to choose from, so this has the potential to fill hours of procrastination. Work your way up from beginner to champion (and ideally transfer those skills to real life.

Multiplayer Tennis Games
Whilst there are several more long-form tennis games on the internet, Tennis Mania might be the most fun. The goal is, obviously, to become the best tennis player in the world and make your way to the hall of fame. You start your career by choosing and customizing your avatar and then your tennis journey begins. It takes a little while to get a hang of the controls, arrow keys for moving across the court and the spacebar for serving. As you progress you'll be pitted against progressively more challenging opponents.
As well as this, there's a pretty nifty 'Career Mode' that allows you to undertake challenges, such as competing in famous tennis tournaments and gaining points to improve your skills. As well as having a more complex and diverse gameplay than the mini-games, Tennis Mania also features really beautiful graphics. Sign up and become the star you've always dreamed of being!

Tennis Forums
Ahh the forums, true home of the procrastinator. If you've rattled through virtual tennis matches and all of the tennis games on offer, then the forums are probably your final stop. Interestingly, perhaps the best one is focused on women's tennis. is a huge forum, with a very active community. The forum categories are extensive, including the obvious ones such as upcoming tournaments, but also some more niche ones, such as a college tennis subsection, a used kit section and even one dedicated to online games.
The community here is intelligent, engaged and supportive of new members, so it's a great place to nerd out with real fans of the game. Drop a message on the New Member Introductions forum and prepare to be welcomed by the biggest, loveliest bunch of tennis aficionados you've ever come across.