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11 Basic Tennis Tips that can Improve Your Game Drastically
Wednesday, 10/02/2019
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How to Improve Your Tennis Game: Improving your tennis skills is something that takes time and a lot of practice. Below, we are going to look at some of the top tips you can apply to your game and practice sessions to help you improve. Don’t forget, you can stay up to date with all the latest college tennis division news on our website.

Top Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game

Get Match Ready: Stretching before a match is essential. Even the best players like Andy Murray perform stretches and it has proven to be a success for him. Decreasing any stiffness in your muscles and joints will allow you to have freer movements and this is a must when playing tennis.

Simulation Games: Games consoles that allow you to play tennis can be an excellent way to test out something new or practice a particular aspect of your game whether it’s your serve or backhand. You can even play with a friend instead of the computer. If you want to de-stress and still have some fun, you can also try some tennis themed slots games at one of the hundreds of International online casinos. They may not help improve your game, but they will let you have fun with your favorite sport. The best rated online casino websites let you play for free or for real money using bonus offers such as free spins or no deposit deals. You can play against top seeds such as Andy Murray or Serena Williams and many of these games have interactive bonus rounds where you get to test out your skills too.

It’s all in the Serve: Your serve is the most important shot in your tennis game. Set up your first shot and don’t focus too much on the speed you want to achieve. Line it up, focus on accuracy, and any additional speed or spins you get will be an added bonus.

Stay in Control: One of the mistakes that a lot of amateurs make is they start to lose momentum when they are losing a game. They get panicky. Don’t do this. Take a deep breath and don’t rush to get back in the game. Slow down and focus. If you are winning your focus should be on maintaining this mindset.

Stay Hydrated: It is important to eat and drink throughout the match. If you watch the pros, you’ll see that they have a drink at every changeover and many often have snacks to hand too. It’s important to keep your energy up and if you want to win, you need to stay hydrated too.

Choose Your Shots: Being aggressive can work to your advantage, but don’t get reckless and risk your shots. Pick your target, the place where you feel confident. Practice and keep playing the closer you get to your target the more confident you will become and the better you’ll get too.

Pay Attention to Weaknesses: Every player has a weakness and it is up to you to discover your opponent’s. The warm-up is a great way to do this. Practice by hitting forehands and backhands and watch where he/she excels and where they don’t. Using this information, you’ll be able to form a strategy on how you will play. You can use their weaknesses against them. Players will try to hide their weaknesses but if you can find them it will help you win.

Watch Your Standing Position: A top tip from NCAA Singles Winner Klahn is to pay attention to how your body weight is distributed. He says he always makes sure that his weight is on his back leg before taking every shot. This allows for more consistency in your shots and allows the weight to be transferring into the shot as well. In tennis, all your strokes begin at ground level and work their way up so being in the right position to hit the ball will make a huge difference to your game.

Make Use of Video: We all love watching tennis but how often do you watch yourself playing? Making use of video is a great way to pick up on things you can change or modify. Have a friend take some footage while you pay and watch it back. You’ll be surprised at what you notice. You might find that you are hitting shots too short or that you can improve your positions on the court. Analyzing video is a great way to improve your game and you can watch live tennis matches for ways to improve your game too. Watch interviews with pro players and learn from them too like this interview with Serena Williams on getting faster and fitter.

Perfect One Type of Play First: Most of the best players only have a number of patterns of play that they use. Amateurs, however, are known for trying to do everything. Top coaches like Jon Isner recommend that you hit your best shots and perfect these and stick with one pattern of play first.

Get the Right Racquet: A lot of amateurs buy a racquet off the shelf, but professional players have their racquets weighted, balanced, and stringed to suit their style of playing. If you can have a professional string your racquet, do it. Spending the little extra to get this done can make a big difference. It is worth asking at your local club for people available to restring your racquet for your specific gameplay.

Bonus Tip: Watch Professional Matches and See Correlating Betting Tips

There is a good chance that you love watching the top tennis players in the world battle it out on the court. You can make the matches even more exciting by betting on the outcomes at online casinos or sportsbooks, including who you think will win outright, as well as where the competitors will be during each set (or how many sets they’ll win by a margin). You’ll discover you’ll learn more about the players’ strengths and weaknesses and this can be a learning experience when it comes to your own game.

Now that you’ve read out top tips for improving your tennis game, you need to put them into action. Remember having a plan when you practice is going to make all the difference. Identify your weaknesses and work on a plan to fix them if you want to move up the ranks or even get recruited for college tennis teams under the NCSA scheme.