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Top 9 Most Expected Sports Events in 2020
Wednesday, 01/29/2020
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It is common knowledge that students lack time to complete all assignments because getting education becomes more and more demanding.

However, people usually forget to mention that for many learners, sports mean much more than school classes. Some of them even got scholarships due to their success in sports. Therefore, if students lack time for studying, it often means that they spend a lot of it training.

No one can blame them for such prioritizing. While even the most difficult assignments can be easily handled with the help of professionals from, sports and training are the fields that require a personal approach.

Moreover, those students who are not directly involved in sports usually find themselves bound to TV screens when the game is on. It may seem like a national characteristic, but there are really few people in America who can claim they are indifferent to any kind of sports.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the most expected sports events in 2020, taking place all over the world. Here is the list.

Super Bowl 2020
This Super Bowl promises to be one of the most competitive ever. The NFL season is one of the greatest we’ve seen for a while, so the final competition must be exciting.

Also, what makes Super Bowl excellent is that there is no favorite team in it. This is a beginning for many young sportsmen who are bound to become new stars.

Vietnam Grand Prix
This will be the first time Vietnam is set to host Grand Prix in its entire history.

It will surely be a great sport event that would unite both adventurism and the awesome peculiarities of Vietnamese culture. The world’s racing stars like Lewis Hamilton will be there to win.

Formula One World Championship
Those who are excited with roaring engines and high speed will be thrilled to attend Formula One.

The two rival competitors of this season are Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. They both have high chances of joining Michael Schumacher as the driver who has won seven Formula One championship titles.

London Marathon
For people who enjoy running, this marathon is a must-visit or at least a must-watch.

The competition is for both regular people who like physical activity and world stars from different countries across the world who have already proved their abilities in other challenges.

Champions League Final
The Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul’s main stadium, will host the biggest game of the European Champions League. Who would bet against Liverpool considering their most incredible triumph on this stadium 15 years ago?

Most likely, it will be Spanish teams, but we will see. Football is truly unpredictable at times.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics
This year’s Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan. It will be the first time since 1964 when the capital is appointed to host such an event.

In order to host the Olympics, Tokyo has built a brand-new national stadium. This year, around 11,000 athletes from all over the globe will be participating, promising all people interested in sports an exciting time.

Euro 2020
This festival of football will be different from all previous Euro championships for its geographic dispersion. Different teams will compete in various cities across the world, including Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Bilbao.

Who the winner will be, we are yet to see, but the level of preparation and the spirit of excitement is already felt by all European football fans.

Tour de France
For those who love cycling, the year 2020 will be marked by the biggest show that will begin in Nice.

The competition will gather sportsmen from around the globe, promising an interesting agenda. Overall, the riders will need to cover 3,470 km over 21 stages.

US Open
When it comes to tennis, the whole world is waiting for the US Open expecting a great show. The world’s best tennis stars gather to prove their competence and win new titles.

Serena Williams is among those who are patiently waiting for a grand final in Flushing Meadows that she failed to reach two previous years in a row. Also, new young stars are born there, setting an agenda for the world of tennis.

Final Words
The sports calendar in 2020 is really exciting. Europe, Asia, and the US take the lead in this years’ sports geography. This list includes the world’s major sports events.

However, small national or regional competitions were not mentioned in this article. In such a variety of the world’s best competitions, you will definitely find something of interest to you.

Whether you practice sports or find it exciting to be a fan and follow your favorite team, 2020 is definitely a year for big travels.