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Richest Tennis Players
Wednesday, 04/22/2020
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When we talk about rich athletes and sportspeople we think of soccer players and NBA players. However, there is another group of very rich sportspeople that people tend to overlook, and these are tennis players.

If you don’t believe us take a look below to see ten of the richest players in the tennis world. We can guarantee you that some of their earnings will have you shocked.

Wealthiest Tennis Players
Tennis players are part of the wealthiest sportspeople in world. While the sport may not be as famous as soccer, there are a number of tennis tournaments. And because of these tournaments the sport has fans far and wide. Moreover, like any other sport, there are also those children who look up to tennis and wish to b like them one day. And with the net worth of these tennis players, we don’t blame those who wish to be tennis players one day.

Tennis a sport where the players have a steady income, this is unlike online casino games where its more a give and take. According to crazy vegas online casino, although we do have some online casino games millionaires, the tennis millionaires take the cup.

10 of the Richest Tennis players
Here are some of the richest tennis players. With a rough estimate of each of their net worth.

  1. Novak Djokovic- $133.1 million
  2. Roger Federer- $123.6 million
  3. Rafael Nadal- $106.9 million
  4. Serena Williams-$88.6 million
  5. Andy Murray-$61.1million
  6. Pete Sampras-$43.2 million
  7. Venus Williams- $41.3 million
  8. Maria Sharapova- $38.5 million
  9. Caroline Wozniaki-$33.8million
  10. Stan Wawrunka- $11 million
As you can see we have at least ten millionaires in the game of tennis. With the lowest player’s net worth being at least $11 million, and we all know that that’s a lot of money just like at an online casino. Anyway with the passion, the drive and the training, tennis players deserve all that they get, including the riches that is.