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How to Enjoy Table Tennis to the Fullest
Friday, 05/15/2020
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Table tennis is one of the most played sports in the world since it is so interesting that many people play it as a hobby. However, professional table tennis matches are the ones that get the attention of spectators that are likely to place a bet on this exciting sport.

For betting on table tennis, players often use online bookmakers like, whose site is very easy to navigate and doesn’t require any particular technical skills to place a bet. However, some other aspects of table tennis betting require developing certain skills if you are interested in winning any real cash.

In case you have been following table tennis and are thinking about trying to cash in your knowledge about it, this article will provide you with some handy tips for placing bets on table tennis.

1.    Choose the Right Oddsmaker

Nowadays, there are numerous bookmakers around the world that offer sports betting on table tennis. However, not all of them are obliged to offer the same odds for a particular match. That’s why you should always check as many of them as possible and compare the odds they offer for table tennis. Once you find the right offer, you can move on to placing a bet.

2.    Player’s Experience

Players’ experience can significantly influence their odds of winning. More experienced players have tons of matches under their belt and know how to deal with every single part of the game properly. What is more, their mindset differs as well in terms of being able to focus better and rely on tips and tricks that a novice player simply hasn’t learned yet. So, if there is a match being played between an experienced player and a newbie, it is obvious who to put your money on.

3.    Check Players’ Rank

Wherever there’s a ball involved, the outcome of the game could change in the blink of an eye. However, the world’s best table tennis players have not reached the top level by accident. Before you decide who to bet on, always check the players’ rankings as well as the outcomes of their previous duels.

4.    Research the Players’ Wellbeing

To be able to play well, players must be healthy above all other things. Also, they need to be both mentally and physically prepared for the game. If a player has been injured or in any way distracted, there is a high probability that he won’t perform well. In other words — you better bet on his opponent.

5.    The Importance of Tournaments

In table tennis, low-rank tournaments can get quite surprising since the players who are getting ready for some other, more important tournament won’t care about winning that much. Competitions like the World Championship or the Olympics carry more responsibility and players usually give their best to win in those big competitions as compared to some smaller ones. Therefore, when betting on a low-rank table tennis tournament that is taking place before a major event, try betting on the underdog.

6.    Players’ Signature Playing Style

Just like in every other sport, table tennis players practice their moves thousands of times before they take part in professional matches. During practice, they can easily notice which particular move or playing style is their strong point. Later on, players tend to use those moves in matches. One particularly important thing when it comes to table tennis players is which hand they play with.

Namely, most players are right-handed and used to playing against other right-handed competitors. When a left-handed player comes into the picture, his gameplay is completely different and can very often confuse the opponent. Even the best players in the world face this issue, as playing against a left-handed opponent requires a completely different plan and strategy, especially it that other player is highly ranked.

Also, you should pay attention to the players’ signature moves. If you know that one of them has a good serve, you can give that player a slight advantage.

7. Check the Players’ Recent Activity

Always pay attention to how many tournaments the players have already been through before the match you want to bet on. Playing any sport professionally can be tiring, especially if we include constant traveling and change of environment, climate, time zones, food, and everything else that can affect one’s energy level. On that note, you may want to think about giving an advantage to the player who hasn’t participated in that many matches, even if he is playing against a higher-ranked opponent.