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Why Schools Can't Fill Classrooms With Children in 2020
Tuesday, 11/10/2020
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During the quarantine, it seemed like every learner started craving things that used to be commonplace. Schoolchildren couldn’t wait to go to classes again, meet their friends, and visit grandparents.

Adults wanted to return to their usual lifestyles as well. A new semester started more positively: most 2020 fall classes are held face-to-face. However, the educational crisis seems to only start to unfold. In this article, you will find some of the critical aspects of what is going on in the education field these days.

Schools Can’t Reach Thousands of Children
Willing to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, schools shifted to online learning practically overnight. Yet, not everyone was able to make a sudden switch to online learning and take advantage of remote schooling. Many schools worked on getting computers and Wi-Fi hotspots to the families who didn’t have those.

Other schools came up with the idea of sending homework via paper packets so that every child could study and keep up with the program.

And homework may be the least of the problems in some cases. Students from less privileged families are at risk of not getting enough healthy food during the epidemics. School lunches and nutrition mean a lot to them.

During the lockdown, students might have even faced the risk of hunger. Some communities and schools set up free lunch distribution centers to help families in need. A new reality makes new demands and arises the question of helping families struggling with an enormous economic crisis.

E-learning at Universities and Colleges
In order to reduce learning loss, universities and colleges assign a great amount of writing work. And all the academic papers, theses, and endless reviews do affect the final grade.

A new trend was evident during the spring semester of 2020. More and more learners have decided to turn to online essay writer and the platforms alike. Indeed, it seems like the whole essay writer service industry was there for such stressful times.

Quarantined students have problems while trying to focus on the lectures. Moreover, they often complain that it has taken days to receive an answer from a professor. A simple answer was just on the surface. The best way to please a demanding lecturer is to seek essay writing service and not worry about the papers anymore.

During the lockdown, lots of online platforms offered free courses. One could choose any field, from e-commerce, graphic design to public relations, and whatnot. Mastering new knowledge from the founder of a successful company or a talented innovator can be much more useful than spending a day going through a boring textbook.

Some students feel anxious or even stressed out due to exams that take a new form because of isolation. Engaging in learning activities has been much harder. Lack of real-life communication results in decreased motivation.

High School Students Reflect on Distance Learning
Students in the West Contra Costa Unified school district in California question the quality and validity of distance education. Did this approach to schooling work for them?

«I feel more mentally exhausted. I miss my friends, teachers, attending class. I miss school in general» -says 15-year-old sophomore student Nayeli Mercado from Richmond High.

Alizei De Leon, a 15-year old from Middle College High says: «I’m getting through my classes, but I know that I will forget most of this information throughout the summer».

«What I miss is the support that school actually gives. I personally feel that I am not learning in these Zoom classes» - Veronica Contreras, 16, sophomore, De Anza High.

High school students also face other problems, such as:

  • most questions are not fully answered due to the lack of in-person and hands-on experience;
  • having to wait for the teachers’ response for days;
  • lack of individual attention and feedback;
  • missing seeing friends and new people at school;
  • being overwhelmed by the material;
  • college is becoming terrifying because of the financial crisis;
  • mental health issues, etc.
Are There Positive Aspects of Online Learning?
Distance learning cannot boast of such a long history as traditional-on campus in-person education. Still, online education can be convenient for many and the trend will definitely continue to rise.

There are many pros of such an approach. For one, e-learning doesn’t force the students to be physically present in a classroom. It is likely that people will forget about geographical boundaries once and for all.

Everyone can choose any educational institution no matter where it is located and study from the comfort of their home. There is no need to rush or spend time on crowded public transport or even relocate to another country or state.

Secondly, students can set their own schedules and make it a more than flexible one. Distance education also gives an opportunity to complete the coursework from anywhere, at any time. One doesn’t have to pay the rent or buy plane tickets.

Thirdly, it gives a chance to learn at one’s own pace. With all the lectures being available online, a student needs two things only. And these are a stable internet connection and a webcam to be in touch with others.

Final Thoughts
Online courses and distance learning, in general, make people more tech-savvy. E-learning programs use modern technology and a great number of available programs to spread knowledge and ideas. Professors access study material electronically and it is common to submit assignments via websites or specific tools.

Learners participate in online forums to interact with lecturers and group-mates on a day-to-day basis. Mobile-friendly content is going to be essential.

Epidemics gave ground for different problems such as educational inequality, lack of nutrition, learning loss, and mental health issues. Still, thanks to the Internet people continue to have access to higher education, their tutors, and lots and lots of study materials.

However, coronavirus revealed lots of weaknesses in the educational system. And it is crucial to take into account lessons learned.