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What Will Tennis Players Need to Succeed in 2021?
Wednesday, 12/30/2020
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The year of 2020 has been very tough for anyone involved in sport, at any level. From events being cancelled to training disrupted, movement on the schedule and much more, this has not been an easy year for players looking to progress from playing the college game up to the pros.
Many are looking forward to 2021 in the hope that it will be different, but in terms of adaptability and variety, the year of 2021 could be even worse than 2020.
This is going to be additional pressure on those tennis players looking to really kick start their career and push on. They will need the type of toughness that no one has ever needed to show before, and players that come from this era, could go on to be special just because of what they have been through.
The Ability to Adapt
Tennis in 2020 was dealt a huge blow, everyone in the sport had to adapt but in terms of how different things have been, 2021 could be worse for players.
We know part of the 2021 tennis schedule, this has been released and features the Australian Open in February rather than its regular January slot.
Beyond that we know nothing at the moment, but the chances are that players are going to be given many different situations. With Covid-19 at different stages around the world, and the vaccine slowly moving into different countries, it is highly likely that players will have to change their approach for each tournament.
They could go from playing in front of full crowds to playing behind closed doors, then onto limited crowds all while they move around the world and face the virus at different stages.
Adapting to the given conditions and changing your play will be vital for anyone at any level in 2021.
How 2021 Will Look for Fans
For those at home who are watching and betting on tennis events, this is going to be a fascinating watch. With many generous tennis sign up offers, tennis has always been a popular betting sport and that will continue in 2021.
However, as players adapt and work out their play based on the conditions of the tournament they are in, fans and gamblers need to watch out for who performs in the different situations.
When it comes to form lines, will you need to make your picks based on the type of tournament, such as with or without crowd, as well as the usual methods?
Generally speaking, tennis gamblers will try to compare players on a level playing field but we are likely to see so many different playing fields in 2021 that this is not going to be easy.
Opportunities will be there, but tennis fans may find themselves studying more than ever in 2021.
The Future for this Special Group of Players
All eyes will be on the players who graduate from the 2020 and 2021 years, such as Jenson Brooksby who has recently turned pro.
Anyone moving into the pro game during 2021 will have everything to contend with that the pros do, and they will also be inexperienced and doing it all for the very first time. This is not going to be an easy start for them.
It will certainly be worth keeping an eye on these players and looking to see who copes the best and performs well.
A mental toughness will be needed to get through, something that could stand these players in good stead for the future and turn them into the superstars we all hope they can be.