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Australian Open is Ready to Begin
Wednesday, 02/03/2021
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After difficult few weeks with severe quarantine measures posed on tennis players and their crew and family, the designated two-week lockdown is coming to an end. The players happily welcome the start of the Australian Open that will be tight and busy in schedule, setting to end all tournaments in one week.


A tough start for many

After the confirmation that there were individuals who flew in on four out of seventeen jets that carried the world’s top tennis players turned out positive for coronavirus, all tennis players were placed in a tight lockdown by Australian authorities. They were escorted directly to their hotel rooms by the country’s bio-security personnel to a 14 days quarantine that’s been said to end this Friday. Some who have landed a day earlier end their isolation a day before.


The news of the quarantine has been tough for most of the players, with some complaining and even sending letters to authorities, like the highly ranked Novak Djokovic, who filed a complaint and a suggestion for changing the rules that hasn’t been well accepted by the public

Others, like Nadal and Williams on the other hand, had more understanding for the measures, although admitting the difficult position most players had to endure. 72 of the players experienced hard lockdown for being in close contact with those who tested positive, and couldn’t leave the room at all, therefore couldn’t practice before the tournament.


The delayed Open and Tough Schedule

Australian Open was the only GS tournament that’s been held unaffected by the pandemic last year, since it was held before the pandemic was announced. This year it hasn’t been canceled but delayed for three weeks because of the measures that needed to be taken for the safety of the participants. The schedule will be very busy and the tournaments will be squeezed in a week-long period regulated by the strict measures.


Australia has been one of the countries that dealt with the crisis thus far pretty well. Even during the harshest wave when the country needed to announce lockdown for 4 million citizens, only 909 deaths were attributed to the pandemic.


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The highlight matches

When the tournament starts, we can expect a hectic week full of intense matches. From Saturday, all events will be squeezed in a week-long period: all WTA and ATP tournaments. A special WTA will be for the 72 players that haven’t had the permission to practice outside exclusively. Andreescu and Azarenka will be among them.


On Friday, Adelaide exhibition will be held with the top-tier players participating. Jannik will meet Novak Djokovic, while Williams takes on Osaka Naomi. Thiem and Nadal will also pair, while Barty will play Simona Halep in the evening.