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How US College Tennis is becoming an Essential Pathway for International Students
Wednesday, 03/10/2021
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Photo by Valentin Balan on Unsplash

Internationally, the sport tennis holds the reputation of one of the most-played sports. And because of its growing audiences, universities all over the world have started offering students scholarships on the basis of their college tennis abilities. In the United States of America, students playing college sports such as lacrosse and rugby are encouraged and rewarded with scholarships as well. Additionally, college tennis has become one of the rewarded sports as well.
With this, comes the opportunity for international students all over the world to enroll themselves in the United States’ top universities on the basis of their college tennis experiences. In the US, a scholarship covers the academic support, tutoring costs, traveling across the country, clothes sponsorship, racquets, food, on-campus housing, books, physiotherapy, massage and your accommodation off-campus as well. While all of this sounds pretty amazing (which no doubt, it is), getting a college tennis scholarship can be extremely competitive. Why? Because international students from all over the world are trying their luck and skills and applying for these scholarships.
Before you start doing your homework on the universities that offer college tennis scholarships to international students, let’s first establish if college tennis is the right sport for you or not.
For any young, active tennis player who has a strong academic background, getting a scholarship is attainable. College tennis, additionally, is a great gateway for those who are interested in pursuing a career in WTA or ATP tennis tour. A lot of players share the view that by considering college tennis, one may lose a lot of time and may not be investing their skills in the right place. However, that is certainly not the case because every year, the average age of the college tennis players in the world’s top 100 tennis players is growing. In June 2017, the average age for women was 25 years old, whereas for men it was 27.5 years old.
Now comes the question of how can you choose the right place to study in US as a college tennis player. 
In the US, there are more than 24 million youngsters who are studying in 4500 different colleges. Out of these, 800,000 of the students come different countries, from all over the world. Now from these 4500 colleges, there are 948 colleges which have tennis scholarships for men and there are 1144 colleges having scholarships for women. 
Getting limited options rather than looking through 4500 colleges can be a long, stressing process, given how daunting the application process and period can be. Moreover, choosing the option where you are the perfect fit can have challenges of its own as well. Having that said, you definitely need to look into some solutions which can make the application process and the process of choosing the right university for you a lot more streamlined and easier.
International students tend to make the mistake of not understanding how the application process and this starts with not being aware of the eligibility criteria. The rules and the requirements of the application program change often and students more often than not priorities on the wrong things, such as choosing location over the tennis coach. The application process needs to be given utmost attention a lot of factors need to be weighed in. Ideally, students should start looking into different academic options 2 years before the time for applying has reached.
Things to keep in mind for international students
International students need to keep in mind the different things college tennis coaches are looking for. When it comes to recruiting different players on the team on the basis of scholarships, here’s the criteria they have in mind: 
  • The universal tennis rating
  • Training history 
  • Recommendations from their coaches
  • Proof that documents their progression over the period of time 
  • Doubles results 
  • National ranking
International students need to keep in mind that while scholarships can be competitive, they need to focus on their academic performance as well because the results of their studies make a difference as well. However, understanding that juggling between a sport and studies can be difficult, students can hire academic services for projects, for example buy IB extended essay and make their lives easier.
Remember, colleges in the US are looking to add diversity to their tennis team and you can definitely be one of them! Good luck ;)