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Top Online Games for Tennis Fans
Monday, 09/27/2021
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If you love all things tennis, boy, do we have a treat for you today. Ever heard of tennis-based online casino slots? These new games are becoming very popular online, and for a good reason. They are fun and easy to play when you don't have time or access to real-life tennis (thanks, Covid!).
Over the last few years, hundreds of tennis games have been released online, with the latest versions of tennis-related games receiving high acclaim from industry excerpts and tennis fanatics.
Just like the much-loved football FIFA simulations, some of these online tennis games feature realistic representations of tennis celebrities, which are sure to be entertaining. You get options to change team modes, make some transfers and select different players. More advanced games include live updates and online mode change options.
Online tennis games are slowly emerging as a popular gaming niche that you can have access to across various online platforms and mobile devices. So today, we are going to list 3 of the top online games for tennis fans.
Tennis Star
At the top of the list is the Tennis Star game developed by Playtech software. But you’re probably wondering how good a tennis-based slot game can really get? Well, this one is pretty good.
You can clearly see the tennis theme is carried throughout the game, providing the perfect backdrop for all levels. 
It features several bonuses and instant cash payouts that are dependent on your score. These bonuses are triggered more frequently than in other online casino games. Tennis Star has 40 per spin pay lines that are live in-play, and you have a fair chance of actually winning. The game also has a reasonably long-term expected percentage payout.
Center Court
The Center Court slot is also a great option to kick the tennis itch. It is one of the best online games for tennis that you can play. Developed by Microgaming Inc., it features a downloadable platform format that has a tennis sport theme.
Center Court slot offers a set play that gives you nine pay lines with reel symbols that act as tennis players. It has a hidden trophy symbol that represents a wild for stacked reels. You can expect to get a 1000 coin jackpot payout when the stacked trophy reels and wilds spin increase. The bonus game also has the potential for a high payout.
It is available to play in free mode and features a bonus play where you can guess the next playing card's color type of prediction game. It's a straightforward game to understand that gives you a higher probability of increasing low value wins into high-paying slot combinations. 
Virtual Tennis Open
If you want an ultra-realistic online tennis game, Virtual Tennis Open is a great option. It is an RNG-based live betting casino with several excellent features. For example, there are different match options, all angle replays, real broadcast game settings, opportunities for close-ups, betting options choice, and the favorable chance of getting decent payouts.
Virtual Tennis Open had had great success in many land-based casinos before it was adopted for online platforms. The online version features advanced 3D graphics appearances, which are the perfect amalgamation of various US Open and Wimbledon titles.
Any tennis fan will get a thrill from any of the three games that we've mentioned today. The best online tennis games are sure to give you loads of fun, and we're sure the three will hit the mark. If you love tennis and love taking home some cash by hitting the online slots, then take a chance with online gaming.