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Is Tennis the Next Big Sport in India?
Thursday, 03/03/2022
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Sumit Nagal won the last edition of Bengaluru Open | JSW Media

There are many sports Indian love, for it is a country that loves sports. Football, cricket, and horse racing are among the favorites. Tennis, although not as popular as other sports, well, at least, in India, has been gaining popularity too. To understand the origin of tennis in India and see its future in the country, this article was created.
The origin of tennis in India
Tennis was introduced in India in the late 19th century. It was the British Army and civilian officers who brought tennis and introduce it to the Indian community. In the history of tennis in India, various tennis tournaments were made, and some became prominent, like the Bengal Lawn Tennis Championship in Kolkata in 1887, The Punjab Lawn Tennis Championship in Lahore in 1885, and the All India Tennis Championship in Allahabad in 1910.
The introduction of tennis to Indians has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts. It inspired other Indian tennis players to take the game seriously. Many Indian tennis players start to make their presence felt at the local and national levels. Some of them were able to make it to the international sports arena, which further strengthen the interest of Indians in the game. Tracing back the history, there are Indian tennis players who emerged victorious in the tournament, such as the likes of Mohd Saleem, who won the Punjab Championship in 1915.
The lows of tennis in India
Although tennis has been a big hit in India, there came to a point where it experienced some lows. It experienced an existential crisis. The lack of support for the sport has lost the interest of some of the best tennis players in the country. Although, the sports commission in India is doing its best to retain and boost the interest of Indians in tennis, one of which is opening tennis tournaments on a local and national level to further cultivate the interest of not only tennis players but also sports enthusiasts.
Aside from opening tennis tournaments and matches, it also strengthens the All India Lawn Tennis Association. It is an organization established in 1920 in Lahore, and during that time, the need for a tennis governing body was felt. It is more so needed when Indian tennis players dominate the national level competitions. The very same body laid out the tennis playing rules in India, but, of course, with inspiration from the Lawn Tennis Association of Britain.
The rise and future of tennis in India
The creation of the All Indian Lawn Tennis Association has been a big help to the rise of tennis in India. It has a positive effect on the future of tennis in the country and on sports enthusiasts. Top-notch tennis Indian players are Mohd Saleem, SM Jacob, AA Fayzee, and LS Deane.
The Indian government is doing everything it can to keep tennis alive in the hearts of Indian players. Today, various tennis tournaments are happening around the country, such as the International Premier Tennis League, which debuted in 2014. It includes a short format of the British version of tennis. It holds tennis matches and tournaments, but it also ensures that the big pot is on the line so that more players will be more interested in playing the game.
Aside from tennis tournaments and matches, it also makes sure that tennis is incorporated into various activities. Many bet apps in India offer tennis, where punters from different parts of India can take part in. There are various tennis matches and events of varying odds and bets, but you have to make sure that you place your bet on a sports betting site that has a top-notch reputation. A quick search online will give you tons of options for sports betting sites that offer betting on tennis matches. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and, most of all, read reviews and feedback made by punters. By doing so, you will get first-hand information straight from the people who have tried betting on such sports betting sites.
Tennis in India has gone a long way from the time it was first introduced to Indians by the British army and civilians. Today, you can find various tennis tournaments and matches happening around the country – both from the local and national levels. There are top-notch Indian tennis players who made it to an international tennis match. The addition of tennis to the list of sports where you can place a bet is a great way to cultivate the interest of Indians in tennis. It only goes to show that the future of tennis in India is bright. It only needs further support from the government for tennis players to continue to prosper and make marks in the international tennis arena.