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The 5 Most Popular Tennis Events in the World
Wednesday, 04/20/2022
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Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. With 1 billion fans around the globe, the sport is the fifth most popular game in the world, exceeded only by basketball, hockey, cricket, and of course, football. But, what sets tennis apart from these four, is that it is an individual sport, played between two people, testing their skills against each other. Some of the most popular athletes in the world right now are tennis players, and most notable among them are Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Federer, etc. 

Tennis tournaments are some of the biggest sporting events in the world, and in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular, attended, and prestigious tennis events in the world.

The oldest, and to this day, still the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon draws in millions of fans annually, whether in live attendance, or tuned to the tournament from online streams and television broadcasts. One of the four Grand Slam tournaments (along with the Australian, US, and French Open which we will discuss later), Wimbledon is considered among the most popular sporting events in the world. The popularity of the event has led to a huge crowd of punters focusing on the event, especially at online betting sites like Novibet.

The US Open
Played between the months of August and September, the US Open is a hugely popular tennis event, and one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. It is held in New York, and has been played since 1881, for over 140 years. The current champions in the men’s and women’s singles of the US Open are Russian player Daniil Medvedev and British player Emma Raducanu.
The Australian Open
Played in Melbourne, the Australian Open is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, and one of the biggest tennis events in the world. The undisputed champion of the Australian Open is Novak Djokovic with nine singles titles, though the current champion is Rafael Nadal. When it comes to the women’s singles, Margaret Court has won 11 titles, and Ashleigh Barty is the current champion.

The French Open
The French Open was founded in 1891, and has been played, mostly undisturbed since. It is held in Paris, and in 2021 offered a prize of over 34 million Euros for the victor. Novak Djokovic is the current champion of the French Open, however, it is Rafael Nadal who has won the most singles titles in the men’s singles game. BarboraKrejchikova is the current champion in the women’s singles, with Chris Evert holding the most singles titles (7).
The Olympic Tennis Tournament
Apart from the four Grand Slam tournaments, the biggest tennis event in the world, is the Summer Olympics Tennis Competition. The history of tennis at the Olympics is a turbulent one. Though the game was played in the inaugural Olympics, it was taken off the roster after a few years. Finally, the game was returned to the roster in 1988, where it has remained since.