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How to choose an honest online casino?
Thursday, 04/28/2022
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“Sign up and get $1000 for free”, “Deposit any amount to your account and we will double it!” There are a lot of such online casino ads today. Some are even tempted by promises in the style: “Don't know how to make money? Spin the wheel and line your pockets!”

But it may very well happen that you will spin the roulette wheel, and someone else will fill your pockets. And to prevent this from happening, experts advise taking the choice of an online casino very seriously.

Are there any honest online casinos? Why do many clients of such casinos lose money? Precisely because they come according to a colorful advertisement, seized with excitement and a desire to play. And immediately begin to spin the roulette wheel. And in the meantime, you can't do that. Before making the first bet, you must first turn into Sherlock Holmes and conduct a real investigation regarding this casino. This alone ensures that you:
  • You will have at least a chance to win.
  • You can then withdraw the winnings.
So, let's start a full analysis of how to choose an honest online casino, which will be as good as Australian casinosWhat needs to be done for this?
Carefully check the license
To choose an online casino, you need to do not very interesting, but extremely necessary work. Just having a license means that the company has at least some obligation other than to take your money.

If the casino site says that the license is issued by such a gambling regulator, it does not hurt to go to the site of this regulator and check the information or even make a request indicating a specific site.

Who would argue: most people are too lazy to waste time. But then they often regret it.

In fact, the authority that issued the license to “your” casino is the authority where you will apply in case of emergency. Therefore, it is highly desirable that this body be easily contacted without the need to call the Cairo landline and ask questions in Arabic.

Reviewing paperwork from Costa Rica and Curacao for basic licenses may be challenging due to the lack of an official portal where you may obtain an instant answer. You might write to the representatives of the jurisdiction and request confirmation. Many scam artists take advantage of this circumstance, however this does not mean that all licensees in Curacao and Costa Rica are dishonest. If the site has other obvious authorization difficulties, it's just worth being careful. Games, for example, have a murky history.

We study all the conditions of cooperation
And again: although licensed casinos are required to prescribe all the principles of their work, they are in no hurry to place this information on the main page of the site. It usually shows a beautiful girl holding out a wad of bills to you. But legal information is in the section for the most meticulous and is often written in small print.

Why read it? Well, at least in order to know in advance that:
  • The casino administration has the right to block your account at any time without explanation or "on suspicion of fraud." For example, if you win twice in a row, that's enough.
  • The withdrawal amount cannot exceed the deposit amount. That is, if you entered $100 and won $900, you still cannot withdraw more than a hundred.
  • Your country is not included in the list of countries in which this casino operates.
  • The last point is especially funny. It would seem that if the casino does not work in your country, it should not let you play at all. But in practice, usually everything is different: you can play. However, if you start talking about the payment of winnings, then the casino will “remember” that it does not work for your country. So - excuse me.
If you read one of the points above, you should not play in any case. Additionally, it is also worth studying the information about the accrual of bonuses and about the case in which they become yours. Very often, in order to “appropriate” the bonus $100, you need to enter up to 10 thousand, or even play for the entire amount.

By the way, many casinos offer very tempting bonuses, precisely to divert attention from everything else. Therefore, bonuses are the least important item.

Learn about deposits and withdrawals And here is the most serious part. Here you need to find out:
  1. Ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Do they match? How well do they suit you?
  2. Attention: fees for deposits and withdrawals, as well as for conversions.
  3. Very carefully: the minimum withdrawal amount. Timing.
  4. By setting a minimum withdrawal amount of $10,000, the casino will in fact be able to pay almost no one ever. And if the deadlines exceed 2-3 days, this is also a wake-up call.
  5. Some casinos also set limits. For example, you can withdraw no more than $2,000 per day, no more than $10,000 per week. These are more or less normal limits. But if we are talking about $100 a day, then you will be waiting for big winnings for months.
A disproportionately large minimum withdrawal amount and too small limits should alert you, as they clearly indicate that the company is not eager to pay anything.

In addition to verifying the veracity of all documents, the user must pay attention to the game conditions for each individual resource. If you read the user agreement and the regulations attentively, you can protect yourself against fraud involving the payout of wins or the withdrawal of cash. It's fantastic that you can see everything very clearly in the New Zealand page on BestAuCasinosOnline and understand how your money is secured. This site, as well as previous variations of it. All quantities and techniques are set out openly and precisely in honest establishments.

Read reviews
Very often you can see negative reviews that do not correspond to reality, as they are simply simply paid for by competitors of a certain platform. Of course, this is rather sad, but our partners from BestAuCasinosOnline themselves check all the sites and give a fair verdict on their account. For example, not so long ago they checked the PlayAmo casino for players from Australia.