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Odds on Tennis in the US – What is the Current Situation?
Tuesday, 05/31/2022
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Sports betting in the US has hit the mainstream ever since the Supreme Court decision, in 2018, that lifted federal bans on the activity. Since this happened, dozens of states have legalized sports betting, starting with New Jersey.

This spread of sports betting has changed the gambling landscape in the US. As confirmed by a sports betting expert from JustGamblers, more money is now wagered in New Jersey than in Nevada which had previously been the gambling capital of the US.

The expert went on to say,
“The sports betting market in the US has really taken off since the Supreme Court decision. Football is by far the biggest betting market in the country but other sports, like tennis, also attract a significant amount of attention.”

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on
The popularity of tennis when it comes to sports betting is clear to see. During the first weekend of legalized sports betting in New York earlier this year, it was the fifth most popular sport to bet on. This is perhaps not surprising given that New York is home to the US Open and there are many local tennis fans as a result.

Even several months after this initial rush in interest for betting on tennis a massive number of tickets for tennis bets are still being received by sportsbooks in New York. It’s also interesting to note that tennis is the most popular women’s sport to bet on and the third most popular sport for betting worldwide.

What can you bet on in tennis?
  • One of the reasons for the popularity of betting on tennis is the number of different wagering options available. These options include:
  • The result of the whole tournament that involves betting on which player will triumph overall.
  • Totals, where a total number of sets or games that the match is expected to last is set by the sportsbook and bettors predict whether the actual number will be higher or lower.
  • Tennis spread, similar to a basic moneyline bet but the favorite is required to win by a certain number of games. For this type of bet both competitors are close to even money.
  • Winning margin, where bettors predict the winner and the margin by which they will win.
  • The correct score for a match.
  • Tennis props, where bettors predict outcomes that are not directly related to the outcome of a match such as how many aces will be served and whether there will be tie-breaks.
There is also the option for in-play betting which allows fans to bet on outcomes such as the result of a set while the action is taking place. This is an exciting addition to the sports betting market, but it does require a lot of effort and attention to detail if bettors are to be successful.

The future of tennis betting in the US
It’s expected that more states will legalize sports betting in the coming months and years. As this happens, the betting market will be opened up to more fans. The growth in sports betting is expected to be most explosive online.

Sports fans and betting enthusiasts will have the opportunity to use betting apps wherever they are. This will enhance the potential for betting on all sports, including tennis, thereby increasing the number of bets placed.