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Top 3 Tennis Matches Of 2022
Thursday, 09/15/2022
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At this time of year, there’s one sport that really stands out from the rest as some of the biggest games start to take place, and that game is tennis. Everybody loves to spend their summers watching Wimbledon eating strawberries and cream like the age old tradition, but there are actually of lot of other games that take place that are just as captivating a little bit later on. You might want to get in on the sports betting action as well and take a look at Midnite tennis to see if you could win big. So, if you’re wanting to know more about the top 3 tennis matches of 2022, keep reading and discover just how amazing the games have been so far! 
Serena Williams VS Anett Kontaveit 
Serena Williams has been named the world’s number one tennis player by the Women’s Tennis Association and has an impressive 23 Grand Slam singles titles to her name. Everyone knows of her legendary status, but there are times when she doesn’t always come out on top. However, during the US Open, everyone was watching with bated breath as she took on Anett Kontaveit, who ranks 2nd in the entire world on the third day. With a win against Danka Kovinic in the opening round, Williams was already wowing the crowds with her skill, but this match would see the two best players go head to head, really building up the anticipation. Kontaveit would prove to be a slightly tougher opponent though, with the first set being a tiebreak win, and Williams actually losing in the second set. But then from that point onwards, onlookers were amazed to see her bring it back and win set after set to be crowned the winner. With the legendary golfer Tiger Woods cheering her on alongside the incredibly supportive crowd, we can only imagine how well she’s going to do in the rest of her matches that are lined up.
Naomi Osaka VS Amanda Anisimova 
Another world number one player is Naomi Osaka, who is a four-time Grand Slam champion at the tender age of 24. She’s even beat Serena Williams to take home the crown of the US Open in 2018! With such accolade behind her, every match she’s set up to play is destined to be legendary, and her match against Amanda Anisimova is no different. Anisimova is only 20 years old but has one of the best coaches in tennis behind her, so her big win over Osaka in the Australian Open isn’t actually all that surprising. After winning her first set, Anisimova told reporters that this gave her a huge confidence boost, and this can be seen in her following sets as she managed to claim victory. Osaka was as gracious as ever and spoke of her excitement that her loss showed just how many new rising stars there were in the tennis world. So, who knows what the rest of 2022 has in store for Anisimova? We can’t wait to find out! 
Daniil Medvedev VS Rafael Nadal 
What do you get when you have a match between the legendary Rafael Nadal and the reigning US Open Champion Daniil Medvedev? An amazing game that’s what! This match soon became unforgettable as Nadal managed to swoop in a reclaim his glory in the latter part of the game. Medvedev was sure to win as he was enjoying a two-set lead and then went on to hold three break points for a 4-2 lead during the third set. However, Nadal managed to make a fantastic comeback and pull it all back in his favour. After he managed to take over set three, he continued to do so well into the fourth and fifth as well. This shocked the crowd as it was looking like Medvedev was a sure thing, but Nadal proved to everyone that he hadn’t lost his touch and was able to win this brilliant match.
There are still a fair few games that need to take place in 2022 before we see who the overall winners will be, but by the looks of things, we’re definitely seeing some new faces and some legendary ones rise to the occasion. With such shocking events already happening, and it’s not even the finals, we can only imagine how tense these upcoming matches are going to be! So, keep your eyes on the courts and you’ll be in for one exciting ride.