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UC Santa Barbara Women Team News
Gauchos Fall to SMU, 1-4
Wednesday, 03/13/2013

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.- The Gauchos had a tough match today against Southern Methodist University, ending up taking a 4-1 loss.

The Gauchos faced SMU this afternoon, knowing the Mustangs were ready to fight for the win. The women had a tough time keeping up, and finished with a 4-1 loss.

"SMU played well and really do deserve this win. We will play better Friday." Coach Thibodeau comments on the tough match.

The Mustangs took two of the three doubles matches this afternoon, suspending the third doubles match as the outcome was already determined.

With a doubles win on SMU's side, the Mustangs only needed three singles matches to clench the match.

Paola Cos and Kiersten Meehan both has tough fights, but eventually fell to their opponents leaving the score 0-3.

Erica Cano was next off the court, luckily able to bring the Gauchos a singles win of 6-3, 6-2.

"I think I played pretty well, my game was working pretty well for me in singles today. But I think we need to come out with more energy and more of a do-or-die attitude om doubles and hopefully that mentality and energy will translate into singles too." Cano says of the match.

The Mustangs took their fourth and final win at number four singles, finalizing the score of 4-1. The last two matches that were on the court were halted as UCSB led at number five singles 7-5, 2-0, and SMU led at number one singles 6-4, 5-0.

The women are set to play George Washington this Friday, March 15th at 2:00pm.



1.      1. Aleksandra Malyarchikova (SMU) vs. April Scatliffe (UCSB): 6-4, 5-0

2.      2. Edyta Cieplucha (SMU) def. Kiersten Meehan (UCSB): 6-2, 6-2

3.      3. Vaszilisza Bulgakova (SMU) def. Paola Cos (UCSB): 6-2, 6-1 

4.      4. Elena Fayner (SMU) def. Priscila Garcia (UCSB): 6-3, 6-2

5.      5. Stacy Yam (UCSB) vs. Hristina Dishkova (SMU): 7-5, 2-0

6.      6. Erica Cano (UCSB) def. Yana Erkeeva (SMU): 6-3, 6-2


1.      1. Aleksandra Malyarchikova/ Vaszilisza Bulgakova (SMU) def. Priscila Garcia/ Erica Cano (UCSB): 8-3

2.      2. Holly Verner/ Hristina Dishkova (SMU) def. April Scatliffe/ Kiersten Meehan (UCSB): 8-3

3.      3.Paola Cos/Stacy Yam (UCSB) vs. 2. Edyta Cieplucha/ Yana Erkeeva (SMU): Unfinished

 Match Notes:

UC Santa Barbara 10-5