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Univ. of New Orleans - Recruiting Info


2002-2003 Mission Statement


The University of New Orleans Department of Athletics administers and maintains the University’s NCAA Division I AAA intercollegiate athletics program. In this endeavor, it promotes and demands high standards of academics, athletic achievement, citizenship, sporting behavior, and integrity of its student-athletes, employees, and support groups, while preparing each student athlete for his or her own life’s mission.  The University of New Orleans Department of Athletics is committed to the fair and equitable opportunities for, and treatment of all, student-athletes and athletics staff. These values are incorporated into an environment which properly represents the University and its alumni, as well as the people of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

Organizational Structure

Under the overall direction of the Athletic Director, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics consists of five major units: Student Athlete Eligibility and Development; Business Development and Promotions; Media, Campus and Community Relations; Fund-raising and Alumni Relations and Business Operations.  The Student Athlete Eligibility and Development unit is concerned with the overall collegiate experience of the student athlete and their development through academic, athletic, personal, career and service programs as well as all Compliance issues such as educating the coaches and support staff on new and updated legislation and conference bylaws in order to maintain compliance with NCAA and Sun Belt rules and regulations.  The Business Development and Promotions unit is charged with generating outside revenue through sponsorships, development of media properties, promotions and related activities.  The Media, Campus and Community relations unit is responsible for dissemination of information about the positive aspects of university athletics in order to increase attendance at athletic events. The Fund-raising and Alumni Relations unit is involved in developing the Privateer Athletic Foundation, through which a structure for alumni giving is created and developed. The Business Operations unit is involved in the financial and accounting operations of the department in maintaining the overall departmental budget.

Assisting the Director is the Associate Director, who is responsible for daily operations of the department, such as facilities supervision, liaison with the NCAA and Sun Belt Conference in administration and event operations and assisting the coaches and support staff in managing their sports in an efficient, positive and financially sound manner.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1.
 The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics promotes high academic achievement by its student-athletes.

Goal 2:   
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics provides and maintains a high quality of student-athlete welfare, sporting behavior, and equitable opportunities for all student-athletes.

Goal 3.            
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics develops competitive teams that win on a consistent basis.

Goal 4.
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics manages its affairs in an efficient and financially profitable manner.

Goal 5.
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics adheres to the letter and the spirit of the rules and regulations set forth by the University, the NCAA, the Sun Belt Conference, and the LSU Board of Supervisors.

Goal 6.
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics monitors and enhances minority and gender recruitment of student-athletes and staff.