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Univ. of San Francisco - Facilities

The University of San Francisco Men’s Tennis Team has a contractual agreement to practice and play it’s home matches at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, CA. The club is located near Ocean Beach and is a 15 minute drive from the University.

Facility History

The history of tennis at the Olympic Club dates back to the late 1800’s during the Club's early years. In 1882 a lawn tennis outfit was purchased for use in the Olympic Club’s gymnasium on Post St.

Outdoor tennis grounds were leased on 7th avenue and Lincoln Way on March 16th, 1890. The first grass courts were located in the center of the oval running. In 1886 Club President William Greer Harrison pushed for bituminous courts near the oval running track. Four courts were constructed at a cost of $6,000.

The Lakeside facility was built in the early 1930s and was site of the first Davis Cup match west of the Mississippi. The USA team beat Japan 5-0 in 1936. At that time the facility had just 4 hard court.s.

Until 1979, Tennis at the Olympic Club was under the direction of the Athletic Committee. It became an independent section with the formation of the Tennis Committee.

After the 1987 US Open Golf Championships the Tennis clubhouse was built.  At that time, lights were added on four of the eight courts.

In 1998 after hosting the US Open Golf Championships once again, the Club completely renovated the outside tennis facilities, installing two clay courts in addition to six hard courts. Lights were also added to all 8 courts.