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USA Captures BNP Paribas Championship
Sunday, 12/09/2012
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Boise State University Team Page

I am under the gun in terms of time (I have 20 minutes to meet the bus for the tournament dinner celebration and players party), but all of our incredible American Collegiate team wants to spread the great news! USA's finest collegiate stars repeated as the Master's U BNP Paribas Champions with our 5-2 victory over Germany today. The fragrance of winning this International Championship is so very sweet, but the greatest feeling is the power of the friendships that have been developed within our team as well as the wonderful new friendships with players from across the world. It is so exhilarating to experience an intense International Tennis Championships especially in a team format representing your country and all of American Collegiate Tennis. 
Our team may have been composed by players from USC, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, ASU, and coaches from Cal and Boise State, but this glorious week we were all one representing the USA and NCAA collegiate tennis.
I don't have time to recap the matches, but suffice it to say that our women singles set the bar high with exciting victories over the German women who play WTA pro events. Lauren Embree won at #1 in two intense sets (both times coming back to win). at #2 Zoe Scandalis was magical and a warrior in defeating her German opponent in a 3 set thriller. With the glorious 2 point lead, the men in Jarmere Jenkins and Evan King overwhelmed the two German men in straight sets. It was breathtaking to see them play such superior tennis. 
The match was clinched in the singles, but we played an inspired German in men's and women's doubles who won both matches in a close 8 game pro set. The closing match was a beautiful win by Ray Sarmiento and Jacqui Cako as they had the USA finish strong with the title with a 8-1 victory. 
Click here to view photos of the tournament site *click on the photos link.
As you can imagine, our entire team of: Jarmere Jenkins (UVA), Ray Sarmiento (USC), Evan King (Michigan), Lauren Embree (Florida), Zoe Scandalis (USC) and Jacqui Cako (ASU) as well as Coach Amanda Augustus (Cal) and Coach Greg Patton (Boise State) are still flying high from repeating our championship (3rd championship in the past four years).
As we drove to the hotel we were singing "I belong to you,  You belong to me.....You are my Sweetheart"
Off to the Tournament Dinner and Party. Then a pick up at 3:30am bus ride to catch our flight to Paris and then home to the States. 
In this state of mind, and this Glorious Heightened State of Living, who needs sleep?  
Go USA !
Coaches Amanda Augustus and Greg Patton
Greg Patton
Boise State Mens Tennis Coach
1910 University Dr I
Boise, ID 83725
cell 208 484-2432
Mountain West Champions   2012
2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009