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University of Michigan - Facilities
Varsity Tennis Center     The University of Michigan Varsity Tennis Center is located on a 22-acre parcel of land adjacent to the U-M Golf Course. The Tennis Center provides the Michigan tennis programs with a superb on-campus training and competition site that will be an excellent recruiting tool, and a premier and nationally-competitive facility to nurture Wolverine tennis players for decades to come. Among the feature of the $5 million dollar tennis facility are 12 championship caliber outdoor courts, the indoor portion providing eight indoor courts, coaches' offices, meeting rooms, training and locker facilities for the teams and the public, and a museum portraying the storied history of Michigan tennis. Along with offering excellent facilities for national and regional intercollegiate tournaments, this complex will be used to host Michigan tennis camps and the state high school boys and girls championships. The outdoor complex of 12 courts is named in honor of William Clay Ford, a Michigan alumnus and Detroit Lions Owners and President, who started off the fundraising campaign for the facility with a $1 million donation.